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Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Transportation.

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ID 93187

Dan Tamkin


Former VC associate. Founder / CEO of Unified Dispatch which we sold to Veolia Transdev in 2011; now represent Veolia Transdev for prospective investments and partnerships; I am most interested in transportation start-ups.

ID 31503

Naved Jafari


Founder of Zeons, @sustainable-development-fund. Investor in @abbasaly-real-estate-development-fund, @zenith-resorts, @zeons-group-of-comp.

ID 90935

Andrew Fine


Partner, Novel TMT Investment Group Managing Director, Sportswear Holdings

ID 8124

John Vanhara


Founder @shipito, @fazole-cz • Worked at @eastbiz-corporation

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