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ID 122

Ariel Poler


Started 3 Internet companies (IPRO, @topica & @textmarks); Director at Kana, @linkexchange, Freedom Financial, @odeo and @stumbleupon. BS from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. MBA from @stanford-university

ID 41507

Shiva Shivakumar


CEO/Founder of Urban Engines. Previously, Google VP Engineering & Distinguished Entrepreneur. PhD CS, @stanford-university. Founder Gigabeat (acq. Napster)

ID 159106

Wes Bashiti


1st startup out of high school. Strong business and ops background. founding member 2x startups.

ID 43660

Scott Wolfgang


Partner at @qventures

ID 45855

Maria Thomas


Worked at @amazon, @etsy • Investor @twice, @sidetour

ID 39465

Ryan Sarver


Partner at @redpoint-ventures; Director of Platform at @twitter and early employee; Director of Consumer Product at @skyhook and early employee;

ID 122968

Neil Chheda


MD at @romulus-capital • Previously at @zynga • Founder at @lifeguard

ID 39472

YuChiang Cheng


Internet Entrepreneur

ID 53075

Vic Morgenstern


Founder @valor-equity-partners, @harris-associates

ID 244589

Eric Wahlforss


Founder SoundCloud.

ID 78430

Vineet Mehta


Worked at @menlo-ventures

ID 72803

Greg Kidd


Founder @3taps-com, @message-me. First Round Investor @twitter, adviser at @square. Senior Analyst Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. @promontory-financial Group

ID 93481

Jim Mckelvey


co-founder at @square

ID 122428

Adam Leber


ID 10660

Tom Allason


Founder @shutl acquired by @ebay '13 - now head up eBay local. Also founded @ecourier-co-uk.

ID 57147

Mattias Ljungman


VC tech investor, investing in entrepreneurship, searching for disruptive business models

ID 20023

Kanyi Maqubela


partner at @collaborative-fund

ID 53285

Sachin Agarwal


Founder and CEO of @posterous. Now a Product Manager at @twitter.

ID 4171

Ryan Junee


Founder at @wearable-intelligence . Formerly Founder @inporia, @omnisio (sold to @google), Mentor at @500startups, partner at @startmate. Stanford MS EE.

ID 43368

Bobby Yazdani


Founder @saba Software (public company); @dropbox, @klout, @qwiki, @cleversense, and many more.

ID 76448

Robin Sloan Bechtel


Internet Pioneer since 1993. A pioneering matchmaker between Silicon Valley & Hollywood- San Jose Mercury News. Early investor in Uber & Everlane -Fortune

ID 40727

Michael Levit


Cofounder Spigot, Managing Partner @founders-den, EVP Vendio (sold to Alibaba), CMO Hearme & @paltalk, Cofounder Bluelight, AOL Broadband, @accenture Internet

ID 4564

Sunil Paul


Founder, @spring-ventures-1; @brightmail ($370M to Symantec) and @freeloader ($38M); First Internet PM at AOL; @zynga board member

ID 65578

Craig Albrecht


Private Equity & Seed Investor • VP @tscp-1 • Worked @bodley-group @goldman-sachs IBD • Studied @stanford BA/MA/Football @Wharton MBA • @fundersclub Panel

ID 77516

Arun Prakash


Outside of AngelList I am a Partner with Virgo Capital

ID 58540

Adrian Aoun


Founder/CEO of @wavii. Frmr. Director at @fox-interactive-media. PM at @microsoft. CTO at CLS, Inc. Angel Investor.

ID 11725

Matt Mastracci


@stumbleupon exit -> @ebay. Angel, founder, web technology. @linkedin: Portfolio:

ID 280002

Kevin Zhang


VC @fontinalis-partners . Start-up and technology enthusiast.

ID 210653

Josh Peterson


Founder @rentfeeder • Adteractive

ID 65587

Brendan Wallace


Founder/CEO of @identified. @princeton-university-1 undergrad, @stanford-university-1 MBA, @goldman-sachs Investment Banking, @the-blackstone Group PE. 

ID 159669

Chris Theodoros


Founder Enteka Ventures • Worked at @google, @doubleclick Connector. Creator. Entrepreneur. Investor.

ID 1510

Walter Lee


Product at @leanplum. Former @google product manager and software engineer. @princeton-university BSE computer science.

ID 96728

Meg Nakamura


Co-Founder of Shift Payments, Investment Partner at Hard Yaka, Co-Founder of 3taps

ID 53147

Meyer Malka


Entrepreneur by design and Investor at heart, focused on the utilization of technology to disrupt consumer financial services. Founder of @ribbit-capital

ID 110775

Bill Autrey


ID 155590

Garrett Camp


Founder: @expa, @uber, @stumbleupon

ID 126662

Barney Schauble


Managing Partner at Nephila since 2004, on board of Advisen, past investor / board member at The Climate Corporation and MetroMile, 20+ years in risk markets

ID 5053

Aman Thapar


Director at Exemplary Holdings. @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 81396

Ryan T. Melohn


Co-Founder & COO at @expansion-venture-capital • Investor @postmates @relayrides @life360 @angellist @therealreal @firebase @engrade @compstak and + many more

ID 79014

Michael Birch


Co-founder at @monkey-inferno. CEO/Founder of @bebo. Viral marketing/product guy.

ID 227848

Chris Stallman


Principal @fontinalis-partners -- strategic investment firm focused on next-generation mobility.

ID 94653

Mika Salmi


CEO creativeLIVE; ex-President Global Digital Media Viacom; Founder/CEO Atom Entertainment (AtomFilms, Shockwave, AddictingGames); Board of INSEAD, Elisa, Fuzz

ID 115067

Joanne Wilson


Businesswoman. New Yorker. Active angel investor in consumer web services and media. @thegothamgal

ID 166258

Corey Reese


Founder Ness Computing • Worked at @alsop-louie-partners • Studied at University of California, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 58407

Michael Staton


Partner at Learn Capital. Founder of Uversity. Advisor to Dev Bootcamp, Gap Year

ID 106994

Ash Fontana


Make fundraising happen here on @angellist! Co-founder of @topguest (exited Dec 2011) & more. Startup utility player: BD, JD, VC & PM.

ID 58970

Josh Mohrer


GM @ Uber NYC. Previously Lot18, Covestor, and CollegeHumor/BustedTees.

ID 5517

Philipp Moehring


Europe @angellist. Previously Principal @seedcamp. Startup's little helper in Europe. Connecting Berlin, London, and San Francisco.

ID 31179

Semyon Dukach


Managing Director, Techstars in Boston. Angel. Father. Founder of the Troublemaker Award. Chairman of NASDAQ:SMTP. @semyondukach

ID 26398

Peter Kravtsov


Worked at @facebook • Investor @stem-centrx

ID 57442

Christopher Austin


Partner at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP

ID 72840

Khaled Helioui


CEO at @bigpoint & angel investor focusing on disruptive consumer facing businesses.

ID 90935

Andrew Fine


Partner, Novel TMT Investment Group Managing Director, Sportswear Holdings

ID 79387

Jonathan Becker


Tech VC at @e-ventures, Hacker, Entrepreneurial Mind - worked in Tokyo, San Francisco and Indonesia.

ID 89571

Sumon Sadhu


My track record is to be very early and pick profitably. Early Investor/Advisor @urx @benchling @zesty-1 @abacus @cleartax @framed-data etc Started @quid (Backed by Founders Fund, Peter Thiel, SV Angel etc). Oxford, Imperial College London, and YC alum. 

ID 196929

Patrice Decafmeyer


Partner at @e-merge, a Brussels-based investment company with 30 early-stage investments up to date, mainly as lead investor

ID 218951

Joshua Summers


Founder @clypd, @zync • Worked at @where • Investor @placester, @zagster

ID 61248

Joe Cohen


Founder of @seatwave, Launched & ran intl business at Angel investor @hailocab @sofarsounds @totems @atosho @hype

ID 241056

R.H. Bailin


Independent trader / broker and Member (1976) Chicago Mercantile Exch Member (2007) Hyde Park Angels

ID 23771

Andy White


Partner @vegastechfund, part of, entrepreneur, angel investor, and proud member of #VegasTech. Follow me at

ID 110605

Jason Hirsch


JJS Associates, Managing Partner. Trideer, Managing Member. Marco Polo Pure China Fund, Partner, Director.

ID 151465

Jeremy Yap


i'm just happy to be here

ID 81569

Hussam Khoury


President at @jabbar-internet-group

ID 98932

Darius Contractor


ID 75891

Mitch Lowe


Founder, Greenstart. Investor + Former Chairman, Quirky. Founder + CEO, Jumpstart Automotive Media.

ID 48678

Wei Hopeman


ID 134457

Jason Klein


Founder, On Grid Ventures. Chairman, HBS Angels of NY. NY Angels, Business Builder/ Leader in Media/Information @nnn-1 & Times Mirror Mag/Time4; xMcKinsey

ID 45184

Alex Mashinsky


Founder of @arbinet, @groundlink, @transit-wireless, @comgates, @elematics. Investor in 61 startups. $350m raised for 7 startups over $1b in exits to date.

ID 77909

Mike Bates


Angel Investor at Band of Angels and Life Science Angels. Finance guy with 4 exits as CFO. 30+ angel investments.

ID 12789

Blaine Vess


Co-Founder and CEO of @studymode

ID 519619

Christopher Cheever

Founder @fontinalis-partners • Worked at @launchcapital, @ubs • Studied at @harvard-college, @yale-school-of-management

ID 68774

Eric Kroll


Entrepreneur, problem solver, & investor. Explorer, experience & sports enthusiast.

ID 11636

Samir Housri


Investor in @kaptur, @omgpop, @tapjoy, @ivillage, @intralinks, @slacker-radio.

ID 635548

Michael Kunitzky


Working in & around start-ups for 20 years. Lucky and thankful to have worked with some of the most passionate souls and brilliant minds. ~ alwayslookaround ~

ID 63024

Raj Ramanandi


Angel investor in early stage tech startups around the world, based in London. CEO of @1seed - investing, mentoring, building bridges.

ID 598466

George Lembersky


Analyzer & Computer Programmer

ID 47817

Helen Zelman Boniske


Founding Partner @lemnoslabs • Worked at @arizona-diamondbacks • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 71322

Storm Duncan


2nd Startup, Angel, Advisor & Entrepreneur (Founder & CEO, @dwellaware; CEO @essess); Value Maximization Expert (M&A - CS/Google), Disciplined Strategic Leader

ID 58308



Investor in @facebook.

ID 8124

John Vanhara


Founder @shipito, @fazole-cz • Worked at @eastbiz-corporation

ID 84496

Jason Shellen


Advising @boxer. Previously Founder/CEO @thing-labs @brizzly sold to @aol & ran AIM. Early at Pyra Labs/Blogger sold to @google & founded Google Reader.

ID 149375

Adam Green


ID 223623

Central Texas Angel Network


One of the most active angel networks in the US; investing in Texas entrepreneurs

ID 48483

Jade Wang


Entrepreneur. PhD in neuroscience. Founded Chez JJ hacker house collective. Concert pianist, poet, martial artist, tea connoisseur & well-rounded geek.

ID 105445

Bill Earner


American in London, interested in startups and tech, founder and partner at @connect-ventures.

ID 81045

Can Serter


Superangel, Hardcore Geek, Technology Connoisseur.. Chef, Fisherman, Film and TV Fanatic, Photographer. @duke grad, turn of the century.

ID 126661

Marcelo Camberos



ID 224515

Ankit AJ Jain


Managing Director @Coalescence Capital (family office), Worked @iberdrola. xFounder @weatherista. USC Executive MBA candidate 2015.

ID 393270

Curtis Lee


CEO & Founder @luxe-valet • VP Product @groupon, Product @zynga, @google, @youtube • Studied @university-of-pennsylvania, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 78540

Apostolos Apostolakis


Entrepreneur and angel investor

ID 256509

David Davidovic


Founder pathForward • 30+yrs bio-pharma executive, entrepreneur, innovator. Many product & service launches. Strategy & Opps. Worked @genentech, @merck, @roche

ID 19554

Jimmy Dinh


Strategy/CorpDev, BD & Product Leader. Mobile Payments & Digital Commerce Exec. Capital Markets Innovation at CIBC World Markets. Ex- Head of Emerging Payments and Digital Commerce at Loblaws. Ex-MasterCard, ex-AOL, ex-eBay, ex-Nokia. Active Angel.

ID 156333

Doug Hurd


Former WHERE / PayPal exec, Co-founder of Clypd, Angel Investor in Zagster

ID 134107

Carla Valdes


Founder of Handpressions, General Partner, Co-Founder of, Co-Creator Distilled Intelligence, St. Jude Supporter, Mom.

ID 125964

Matt Michelsen


ID 25211

Niket Desai


Founder @punchd, @yomama-ventures • Worked at @google, @motorola • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 41283

Josh Goldman


General Partner at @norwest-venture-partners

ID 135556

Ben Marcus


Aerospace Entrepreneur and Investor

ID 83460

Tim Csontos


VP Biz Dev @GoCurb Prior to - Cliqbook Travel sold to @concur. Investor in @gateguru @jetpac @boatbound @bulldog-gin . Ping Pong advocate.

ID 4280

Nick Allen


CoFounder at Shuddle, CoFounder at Sidecar

ID 63413

Nenad Marovac


Managing Partner at @dn-capital • Investor @fnbox, @apsmart

ID 119160



Picnic Hippo Game Studio şirketinde COO

ID 151285

Andrew Vilcsak


Mobile Engineering Lead and 4th engineering hire at Airbnb. Dropped out of university in 2010 and bought a one-way ticket to SFO, haven't looked back!

ID 149114

Chase Fraser


Founder @fraser-mccombs-capital • Studied at @university-of-texas-austin

ID 246921

Prashant Labhane


Venturer, Design Junkie

ID 73717

Brian Arbogast


Cleantech Investor and Advisor to some great teams ...

ID 293897

Uri Levine


Founder @waze, @feex

ID 108685

Vivian F. Wang


Tech-optimist, wireless solutions hunter, cultural translator, PE investor. Long-time member of the Investment Team at Sasson Capital.

ID 46077

Sagi Shorrer


Founder @peak-1 • Worked at @google

ID 94649

Wes Selke


Managing Director and Founder of @better-ventures

ID 171178

Rimas Kapeskas


Investment manager for UPS strategic investment fund - venture capital arm of world's largest logistics business.

ID 105721

Mikkel Hippe Brun

CSO at Tradeshift Network Ltd

ID 41862

Roland Arlt


Co-Founder Blue Tiger Networks (Sold to Openwebs) Co-Founder @cloudmark

ID 51573

Luke Hakes


Early Stage UK focussed VC, passionate about Tech and startups. Seed through series A

ID 175777

Richard Fearn


Director at 'The Friday Club London.' Ad-man. Angel investor. Ex Break-dancer. Dad of two boys into Barbie, jelly & fighting. The boys. Not me.

ID 305333

Tim Streit


Founded early-stage Michigan-based tech fund. Previously led corporate venture and product development efforts at HSBC, focusing on Fintech.

ID 65509

Adam Meislik


Worked at @cibc-world-markets, @jefferies, @glassratner • Investor @3tera, @lateraldata • Studied at @tulane-university

ID 113124

Michael Topolovac


Founder @crave, @arena-solutions, @Light & Motion • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 114919

Russell Rosenblum


Founder @rmr-capital, @pci-communications • Studied at @school-of-law, @george-washington-university

ID 88806

Ron Schmelzer


CEO at @bizelo, Founder of @zapthink (acquired), Founder of @channelwave (acquired), @techstars mentor & angel investor

ID 189872

Aryk Grosz


Founder @mixbook • Investor @dealflicks

ID 112156

Niko Ralf Cunningham

Founder @caarbon • Founder @quilt, @nerd-swagger-inc • @koemei Fellow at @kauffman-foundation-1 • @harvard-university, @yale-university @columbia-university

ID 66007

Lee Buck


Partner, @launchbox-digital. Founder Blue Bright Ventures.

ID 77377

Peter Barth


entrepreneur, investor, and managing director of @the-iron-yard

ID 214198

Darcy Wedd


Founder @payvia, • Investor @m-qube, @uxpin, @wanderu, @filmbreak, @dealflicks, @mogreet, @able, @changecoin, @koinify, @contactually

ID 113981

Thomas Gorissen


Helping startups with web technology

ID 72551

Rick Moss


Managing Director and Founder, Better Ventures

ID 263631

James Fairclough


Angel Investor in disruptive consumer focused businesses

ID 66370

Chris Huey


Working with NEON covering interests across finance, property, lifestyle and philanthropy. Previously at Forward Internet Group (PE and early stage VC)

ID 76557

Lawrence Richenstein


Angel investor, entrepreneur, inventor, cyclist

ID 239798

Jack Studer


ID 304237

Patrick Girardin


Daddy, Husband and Musician at Heart. Owner/Global Product Manager @q'straint, serial mVcapitalist and original thinker..!

ID 519591

Chris Thomas


Founder @fontinalis-partners • Worked at @ubs, @us-army • Studied at @yale-school-of-management, @michigan-state-university

ID 222119

Alberto Lopez


CTO @pixable

ID 4618

Tom Chi


UX, Strategy and Product Advisor

ID 135717

Ken Tighe


Director, India Venture Partners

ID 94933

Nishkaam Mehta


Entrepreneur, investor with background in VC/PE (The Chernin Group; Mumbai Angels, Naspers/MIH/DST), Corp Dev/Strategy (Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc.) across the US, UK/EU and India.

ID 58274

Neil Anderson


Neil Anderson is an international technology strategist and early stage equity investor and currently works between San Francisco and London.

ID 50749

Brett Seyler


Invest: mobile gaming, cloud services, big data, drones. Work: computational finance before @garagegames (sold to IAC in 2007) and @unity-technologies.

ID 185270

Rana Kashyap


ID 3003

Marc Held

CEO of @weft; Co-founded @zazu (a @masschallenge finalist and PepsiCo10 winner); Dir. Mobile @boxfish; National Cyber Defense Champion; Six Sigma Yellow Belt

ID 159989

Josh Free


Dev Lead on the .NET Core Framework team at Microsoft.

ID 24316

Bastian Lehmann

Posmtates Co-Founder & CEO - I'm addicted to customer feedback. I have no respect for the status quo.

ID 90749

Nikos Moraitakis


Founder @workable

ID 162950

Ryan Graves


Head of Operations @uber Board of Miami University Institute for Entrepreneurship Biz Dev @foursquare

ID 99940

Stuart Brown


Managing Partner, Typha Partners, LLC

ID 118679

Chris Hoyt


Tech CFO and founder @ APX Labs @ RideScout, and BTS. Active Board member @ An Estuary and @digital Harbor Foundation.

ID 75428


Co-founder @tripthirsty @ideophone. Redefining journeys. Information-retrieval expert. Conceived & built @yahoo Indichat, 5 million users. M.Tech IIIT-B

ID 123451

Chang Ng


Founder / Managing Director Mconomy BV

ID 104188

Tom Miner


Principal at Garrison Point Capital Finance Instructor, University of Utah Advisor/Investment Committee, University Venture Fund

ID 65580

Frank Lin


Managing Partner at @silas-capital

ID 134737

Keith Calder


Independent film producer and financier.

ID 144146

David Robinson


VP Design @hightail-2

ID 84615

John Ramey


Founder CEO of @isocket (acq by $RUBI '14). Raised $17M. Awarded one of top US entrepreneurs under 30. 3x successful founder. Worldwide startup mentor / speaker

ID 117670

Zach Ware


Founder & CEO of Project 100, Partner at VegasTechFund, Cofounder at Work In Progress.

ID 251814

Syamack Ganjavian


Founded Crescent Dental Associates, Founded Armion Group, DDS degree from UMAB

ID 235224

Daniel Rhee


Worked at @google • Investor @b5m • Studied at @stanford-university, @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 210957

Robert Seidl


Founded ceneca (Pagemill), canoma, Realtime Video Systems (UAVs),, Transportation Tech Ventures (see blog url) Wkd @apple, Adobe, Metacreations

ID 264204

Kenneth Leiter


CPG marketing & innovation exec. Experience at companies including P&G, Kellogg's, Wyeth, and a JV of Diageo. Have invested in numerous start-ups, including Green Dot Financial, which IPO'd in 2010.

ID 343461

Oliver Nicholas


Engineering product and team builder trained @Ooga Labs, honed @yelp, managing Infrastructure @uber

ID 70806

Frank Maene


Partner Hummingbird Ventures

ID 12285

Sumit Chugh

Product Mgmt & Biz Dev guy working on identifying potentially disruptive ecommerce opportunities at Amazon; MBA;Worked at Yahoo!,Times Internet,Citibank & HSBC

ID 6076

Ben Carlos Thypin


Worked at @real-capital-analytics, @toll-brothers • Investor @genius, @compstak • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 46551

Sara Holoubek


CEO of Luminary Labs, investor in early stage startups changing big, messy industries, RWJF Pioneer Fund Advisor. Previous: @icrossing CSO. HEC Paris MBA 1999.

ID 61633

Frank Demmler


Innovation Works Innovation Investment Fund

ID 120159

Ed Laczynski


Award Winning Entrepreneur and Developer. Fmr SVP Cloud @datapipe . Advisor, investor, operator in cloud, security, and video.

ID 622409

Runmin Xu


Master Computer Science from MIT Master Transportation from MIT Real Estate Investor

ID 57557

Tom Andrus


Board of Directors at @rhapsody International

ID 135758

Robert Lendvai


Strategic marketer with war wounds from Corel, Cognos, Hedge Funds & startups. Angel investor. Dad to 15yr old. Training for my Ironman Muskoka 2013.

ID 252659

John Haarer

Currently @twilio, former intern at @lovely, @everest, and @university-of-michigan-1 CFO's office. Recent @university-of-michigan-1 grad.

ID 56095

Daniel Kim

Other labs, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab, Squid labs, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology VDS, Local Motors, Goloco, Vanilla Bicycles, @rhode-island-school-of-design, UC @university-of-california-berkeley, @reed-college College

ID 95470

George Babu


Tech Startup Exec, Advisor, Investor

ID 48908

Garrick Pohl

CEO of @zipments, a local logistics platform providing fast, affordable same day deliveries. Been building companies in the mobile & logistics space for 10 yrs.

ID 103964

Karl Ulrich


Vice Dean Innovation, Wharton School. Cofounder Terrapass, Xootr. Investor Gridium, Stringr, Skillbridge, Bandar Foods, Dowza; ScD Mechanical Engineering, MIT.

ID 758017

Jason Wong


Platform 88 Co-Founder, whose mission is to help startups succeed using our network of manufacturers and retailers to quickly bring products to the marketplace

ID 99291

Herry Lian

@accenture Consultant. @flinja Biz Dev. @stanford-university B.S. in Management Science and Engineering. @startupbus 2012 Finalist.

ID 211333

Chris Lien


Founder and Executive Chairman, Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN)

ID 252154

Casey Hunter


Founder @cj-hunter-corporation • Investor @knightscope, @bia, @wingtip @atheer-labs @shareroot • Studied at @saint-mary-s-college-of-california

ID 329368

Louay Eldada


Founder & CEO @Quanergy Systems. Started, grew & sold 3 businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Optoelectronics PhD @columbia, Business @MIT @harvard @stanford.

ID 100549

Justin Wisz


Co-founder, CEO @vestorly.

ID 265625

Aarjav Trivedi


Mover of people @summon-formerly-instantcab

ID 324870

Shashi Vaswani


Ceo and President of About Time Inc , a distribution company which we grew to over 100 million in revenues WITHOUT giving up equity.

ID 250061

Mike Deerkoski


CTO/VP Eng @ EAT Club, former head of engineering of Flickr

ID 26322

Alex Farcet


Co founded Startupbootcamp. I ran Copenhagen, now Berlin. Partner at Rainmaking, a startup factory.

ID 75746

Roman Peskin

CEO of @dealangel-a-onetwotrip-company-1. Hotel revenue management and pricing expert. Masters in Biotech Engineering + Katz MBA

ID 37465

Michael Keating

Founder and CEO of @scoot-networks. Formerly @openplans, @greenorder, @bcg. @harvard-university MBA, @harvard-university Master in Urban Planning. @Wesleyan Art & Design.

ID 342567

Jordan Greene

ID 56856

Michael Frank


Business Dude at Credible.

ID 143091

Brian Harniman


Founder BusinessTravel • Worked at @priceline-com, @kayak • Studied at @fairfield-university

ID 100694

Derek Kleinow


Entrepreneur and Investor

ID 70596

Ted Loh


Built datacenter operations and engineering teams @facebook Did some stuff @google Had some seat time @threefold-photos-webshots

ID 167396

Roger Bamford


ID 108858

Antonio Conati Barbaro


Co-founder & CEO of Alleantia. Mentor and Advisor of outstanding italian startups. Many years developing new international businesses. Accenture Alumnus.

ID 110579

Alex Min


Director, International Military Business Development at Bell Helicopter

ID 313128

Eirini Tomprou


Passionate about startups

ID 45656

George Ugras


General Partner at @adams-capital-management

ID 398631

Stefan Weber

Digital Consultant. Founder of Former Product Mananger @yahoo. Living in #Munich.

ID 329148

Tianyue Yu

Founder at Quanergy Systems. Cornell PhD in Electronic Materials and Nanotechnology. Passionate about innovation and persistant to make things happen.

ID 54580

Greg Bessoni


Entrepreneur and Investor

ID 211485

Pogos Saiadian


Worked at @goldman-sachs, @silver-lake-partners • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 133583

Matthew Le Merle


Managing Partner of Fifth Era ( and Keiretsu Capital (

ID 427

Steve Karmeinsky

Internet type

ID 366242

Ericson de Jesus


Founder @flare, @particle • Worked at @yahoo, @apple. Best drawer in class since kindergarten. Designer focused on product concept, strategy, development, and user experience.

ID 8430

Nick Drandakis

Founder at @taxibeat. Founded @sync-gr a Greek social network with 35000+ members, and @suppline, a hospitality vertical for B2B online supplies.

ID 466776

Paul Elberse


Pls refer to LinkedIn profile or bio at

ID 114480

Bosco Tan


Co-Founder @pocketbook, Previously co-founded @getlisted,, Investor in @jayride, @happy-inspector

ID 134076

Sophie Lubin

Marketing and communications @scoot-networks. Formerly @kiva, @energyhub and @thredup • Studied sustainable development @columbia-university University

ID 80341

Bess Ho


Founding Partner at Archimedes Labs Instructor in Mobile Programming

ID 179995

Pablo Potente


Founder @harrenmedia

ID 50646

Clint Nelsen


Founder @startupweekend, @tomato-battle

ID 138092



Chief Sustainability Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi. Author of Harvard Biz book, Strategy for Sustainability. Correspondent for

ID 74564

Karen Crow


Co-Founder of WiserGiving, helping individuals become more strategic in their philanthropy. Worked at @google, @looksmart, @mercer-management-consulting.

ID 48722

Nicholas Reise


Investor at @redpoint-e-ventures (São Paulo, Brazil)

ID 203936

Permjot Valia


Sales and Marketing Background Cofounded Flight and Partners, a Fund Management business. And Mindful Scientific

ID 87073

Jeremy Irish


President and Co-Founder, @groundspeak, Inc.

ID 186785

Rick Graf


Founder - Graf Business Law; General Counsel - Product Lab LLC & portfolio companies; Partner - Arnold & Porter; Partner - Mintz Levin; Partner - Katten Muchin

ID 49087

Spiros Xanthos


Director of R&D at @vmware leading data analytics efforts. CEO & Co-founder @pattern-insight (acquired by @vmware in 7/2012). Was CS PhD at UIUC

ID 215113

Ivan Gorski


MBA FGV Business Mgmt, strong backgroung in media/advertising and product dev. Worked on Yahoo! LinkedIn and UOL Latam.

ID 99230

Bryan Wolff


CFO at @bonobos

ID 63936

Isaiah Duty

VP of Ops at @wunwun. Strong background focused on Ops, Biz Dev, Sales, and Marketing. Previously; @lyft @microtrip-it

ID 55161

Siddharth Doshi

Engineer at @homejoy. Previously, CTO at @viacycle (YC S12). Mechanical Engineer from @georgia-institute-of-technology.

ID 55135

Nicolas Gautier


Founder @bolt-ventures

ID 54072

Robert Shedd

Co-founder & CTO at Zoomer

ID 237466

Brant Hanna


Technology and real estate focused investor. Personal back ground = strong start-up experience especially with professional services / enterprise focus. Presently a Senior Technical Architect with

ID 242468

Braden Huber


Investor and Entrepreneur at Parakeet Previously Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies MS Computer Science from Brigham Young University

ID 110353

Ken Morse


Chairman, Entrepreneurship Ventures, Inc. Co-founder, 3Com.

ID 108619

Daniel Goldman



ID 224492

Patrick Sweeney


Founder @servervault, @odin-rfid • Worked at @dwinq-com, @trammell-crow-company • Studied at @university-of-virginia, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 175515

Todd C. Stellanova


Experienced mobile and drone software developer.

ID 57541

Andy Keller


Director of Engineering at Traction Software, Inc. Dabble in iOS development. Love AI. Invest primarily in West Michigan technology companies.

ID 133570

Tom Driscoll


Solar Power Consultant

ID 40876

Luis Perez


Co-founder @remoov & @ParentingBridge, member @arc-angel-fund. MBA @wharton-school, Computer Eng @university-of-michigan , @500startups

ID 244016

Satyam Patel


Practicing orthopedic hand surgeon. Investor in several small companies.

ID 277560

Kyle Khasigian


Founder at The Authorities • Worked @credit-suisse • Dartmouth MBA

ID 97451

Rob Chandhok


Worked at @qualcomm • Investor @scoot-networks, @basho-technologies • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 183838

Prapti Mittal


Early stage investor at @terawatt-ventures, Data Scientist at @the-world-bank Engineer @URS • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 268346

J. Grant Mooney


Investment analyst and angel investor with a strong background in economics (MA U. of Denver) and strategic consulting (U.S. Government).

ID 144632

Dhiraj Malkani


Partner, Rockport Capital Partners

ID 57745

Alex Nigg


1st VC in Flutter / @betfair, did stint of telecom VC in the mid 90s, sin and social in the late 90s, now SaaS, fintech, SMB and IoT

ID 118192

Jisi Guo

Co-Founder Camoji / Leo Me, Product Designer, @northwestern-university Alum

ID 40281

Sanford Ewing


Utilize long term credit experience with several Wall Street firms in deep-dive investing approach.

ID 196604

Kim Manis

I love great design, cooking and coming up with crazy business ideas.

ID 163087

Sharky Laguana


Founder and CEO of Bandago, innovative van rental company with locations across USA. Former rock star (literally) with Creeper Lagoon.

ID 119723

Gregory Rae


Tony award winning producer of Broadway and films. Worked at @google, graduated from Harvey Mudd College.

ID 183265

Scott McGlon


Proven entrepreneurial track record of building and managing five different profitable start-ups since 1998 through innovation, passionate initiative, assertive strategies, and quality work.

ID 123794

Christopher Gutek


Director of Investor Relations at @vinperfect-1, Inc. Active angel investor and Keiretsu Forum member. Former equity analyst at Morgan Stanley for 10+ years.

ID 304875

Matthew Graziano

Founder of Trilo Labs, a consultancy helping early stage companies build their businesses and the web and mobile products behind them.

ID 104210

Gonz Ferrero


Building Asia's first digital media venture studio

ID 489434

Nicholas Chase

Founder Nicholas Chase Productions • Producer Director Writer - Sr. Systems Engr. - Ex Google contract Sr. Tech Prj. Mgr, Worked at @sony, @ascent-media @Olympics IBOC design - @universal-studios @nbc-tv @ABC-TV @cbs-tv @AXS-TV @anderson-video @verizon

ID 163086

Jed Levin


Co-founder of Bandago, an innovative vehicle rental enterprise. Deep experience in enterprise software sales.

ID 129326

Dick James


Adjunct Prof and Non-Profit Consulting

ID 110888

koen bouwers


ID 481322

Tyler Duni

Co-Founder Automa Systems • Worked @location-labs, @bigfix, @ibm • Comp Sci. @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 44259

Iain Grae


ID 221580

Mick Mende


ID 473904

Alex Aguilera

Logistics & Operations Manager at @lyft. Tortilla connoisseur, story teller, supply chain management. Previously at @mi-canasta-market and @warner-bros

ID 144169

Paolo Giovine


Investor @curious-hat, @responsa, @FunGo Studios, @timbuktu-labs

ID 48435

Edwin Ewing


Harvard '18. Recruited to lead branding projects for Time Inc, Pinterest, and DataXu. MassChallenge Semi-Finalist. Winner of the Boston's Best Award, 2010-'12.

ID 259299

Yoni Ben-Meshulam


Software Engineer at Nest. Early Engineer and Data Scientist at Opower. UT Austin Mathematics & Engineering. Passionate about social good.

ID 239831

Ted Alling


Ted co-founded Access America Transport, 10 years ago has over $500 million in annual sales, also founded Lamp Post Group—a venture capital incubator.

ID 133382

Braughm Ricke


Founder at Aduro Advisors

ID 110524

Alan Then


General Manager & Senior Director of Research and Development

ID 54427

Timothy Barton


Serial entrepreneur with two successful exits. Interested in next angel investment opportunity and hands-on leadership/partnership.

ID 66405

Josh McBride


VP Sales at Experian Digital Advertising

ID 482508

Melissa Krinzman


Managing Partner, Krillion Ventures; Managing Director, Venture Architects; twenty-year history of starting, growing and advising early-stage private companies

ID 44654

Toscani Vincent


ID 456159

Esteban Amador Algelt


Value investor in Public Companies such as EBAY, GOOG, ORCL, INFY, AAPL, etc Land developer and lawyer

ID 127122

Nate Lucash


Engineer at @google

ID 428559

Harel Kodesh


CEO Nurego, Chairman Red Loop Media, ex-EVP EMC, ex-SVP Amdocs, ex-CEO Wingcast (JV between Ford, Qualcomm) ex-VP Mobility, Microsoft. BS, MS - Technion IIT,

ID 153881

Mikio Tsukamoto


I.T. Bureau Chief at Fuji Television (Japanese Biggest TV station)

ID 262587

David Orr


Software developer and entrepreneur, having developed and sold several internet and software start-ups.

ID 61764

Philip Settimi, MD


Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Corporate Development & Chief Marketing Officer at Hill-Rom

ID 106378

Irakly George Arison


Founder @shift. Co-founder @curb-2. Worked @google, @bcg. Ski, eat, drink wine, watch movies, listen to Beethoven.

ID 345294

Peter Edge

Senior Infrastructure Eng at @codeship, former Lead Backend Eng at @locality-1, former Software Eng at @google and Two Sigma, CS at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 27027

Ryan Stenson

Product Manager @workday. Formerly product @AWScloud, robot builder for @USNavy, eng @Cornell, and venture @MichiganRoss.

ID 220209

Tania Hew

@university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill 2012 MBA. Loves working at startups in marketing or other strategic roles. Great tech background (CS undergrad).

ID 189480

Papazoglou George


ID 77162

Josh Yoselevsky


Analyst at Steadfast Capital

ID 110589

Peter Kolchinsky


Managing Partner, RA Capital Management, LLC

ID 144916

Jim Mickey


Investor @alta-motors, @hard-knock-helmets

ID 228784

Charlie Hsiao


ID 90022

Geoff Crawshaw


Inveterate startup coder

ID 152992

Brittany Martin

Rails Support Engineer @ninefold • Previously PM @snapretail and PMM @readyforce • Marketing @pitt, @trybloc Rails apprenticeship

ID 233547

Gregory Marks


ID 112622

Gary Greenbaum


ID 158588

Marty Bauer


Managing Director at @theironyard • Founder @ridepost 

ID 138549

Jack Al-kahwati

CEO of Velo Labs. Worked at Motorola, Boeing, BAE Systems, and Sikorsky Aircraft.

ID 205432

Gordon Tindall

Product for YC and True Venture backed companies.

ID 19344

Kevin William David


Co-Founder @walletkit . Lunatic Hustler and Product Guy.

ID 201905

Christopher Servidio

Current Account Executive for the Wholesale division at Bonobos; former Customer Experience Ninja and Fraud Detection Analyst

ID 173058

Jason Cahill


CEO @traansmission. Strong business background (Carnegie Mellon MBA 2014) Worked at SRA, Unisys, AOL, US Army.

ID 271577

Peter Cherukuri


Political publishing executive based in Washington, DC. Co-founder of K Street Capital, DC-based angel investment group consisting of lobbyists, media execs and trade assn professionals.

ID 8441

Raj Singh

CEO of @sooqini. 25 years of tech: systems engineer, strategy consultant, VC, entrepreneur

ID 132627

Andrey Shirben


Time Traveler (doing it every night and sometimes during the day as well :))

ID 226189

Alex Molayem


Dentist; Real Estate Developer; Amateur startup investor

ID 37011

Stephen G. Barr


Mentor, Adviser, Strategist, Board Member, Advocate. Founder @startup-hive , CoFounder @crowdpad , CEO @sgb-media-group , Mentor @geteverwise

ID 84953

Azmat Yusuf

Founder of @citymapper. Previously: @google, WorldBank, Seedcamp, venture capital, bum.

ID 212324

Kate Hoogendoorn


ID 59799

Mike McGinley


Co-founder and managing partner of @new-dominion-angels.

ID 49131

Andreas Constantinou

Founder, VisionMobile. Adjunct Professor, @lund-university University. Dad.

ID 174045

Jason Farahnik


Current student; Active angel

ID 98722

Reilly Brennan


Transportation and mobility entrepreneurship at Stanford: Revs Automotive Research Program and

ID 435147

Nick Franco


Member of GSV Asset Management team. Looking to fund scalable businesses that can help democratize access to high-quality education and career opportunities.

ID 254292

Andrew Lin

Software Engineer @view-the-space • Technical Co-founder @farmplicity (exited) • Triple Major at @washington-university-in-saint-louis

ID 220742

Donatas Keras


Entrepreneur and Investor. Founder @practica-capital

ID 207838

Annie Kadavy


Investor at @crv-1

ID 152960

Paul Ghio

I'm a creatively driven, analytically minded, student of marketing and growth.

ID 226964



ID 317060

Nikita Kozlovski


Founder @done • Investor @415x • Advisor at @chatroulette and @Omegle • Worked at @FriendFinder

ID 42389

Stuart Hamilton


Director of Axon from startup to IPO to FTSE 250 to exit. Sold a $500m deal on the way. Now hold various advisory positions in US and UK. PhD, Imperial College.

ID 52044

Stonly Baptiste


Co-Founder @urban-us Helping startups help cities;Past : EVP @independenceit , Co-Founder, Co-Founder, Founder

ID 79536

Koji Intlekofer

Director of Engineering @Shift-Labs, Y Combinator alum, former COO of @viacycle. MS In Mechanical Engineering from @georgia-institute-of-technology. Worked @philips.

ID 150597

Ron Turiello


Founder @voter-genome-project-llc • Worked at @o-melveny-myers, @skadden-arps-slate-meagher-flom-llp • Investor @lit-motors, @goloco

ID 59301

Ramakanth Dorai


Co-Founder @walletkit

ID 225602

Armando Osuna


@kiip early employee

ID 253596

Nick de Porcel


Experienced Board Member focused on strategic compensation benefits and internal control matters

ID 99614

Alan Schoenbaum


Sr. Vice President & General Counsel at @rackspace Hosting

ID 602627

Grant Furlane

Founder @locomobi, @anai-global-media, experienced start up specialist and mentor

ID 181940

Kramer Weydt

Product and Design Lead @internmatch. Passionate about sustained behavior change, education, health, cars, sports, and creating > consuming.

ID 635162

Dan Miller


Founded, Chair & CEO, Team Rental Group (NASDAQ:TEAM); Chair & CEO Budget Rent a Car worldwide (NYSE:BD); consultant to investors in consumer transport

ID 255700

Ed Forman


Veteran early stage startup executive. Stanford MBA. Advisor to several startups in digital media and electric vehicles.

ID 247144

Samir Bangara


venture capitalist turned investment banker turned entrepreneur - along the way scaled india's largest games business and sold to Disney (

ID 222393

Mark Brouse


ID 123793

Bob Wise


ID 56476

Kyle Azevedo

CEO of @viacycle. Sustainable transportation specialist @ford-motor-company. Can leap tall LEED buildings in a single bound. MSME from @georgia-institute-of-technology.

ID 109777

Nick Grossman


Student of cities and the Internet.

ID 127343

Chris Camargo

Well-rounded UX/UI Designer with 10 years of experience designing for a variety of web and mobile platforms. Making users happy is my thing.

ID 25366

Pranay Gupta


Worked at @ciie-iim-ahmedabad

ID 308955

Chris Dover


Founder @audienced @geniusly @enfocado-capital @desksite, • Worked at @triple-canopy @founders-institute-mentor #500strong

ID 203477

Brad Carpenter


Worked at @microsoft • Investor @seattle-angel-conference • Studied at @pacific-university

ID 112760

Jaron Ray Hinds

• • Growth #Hacker for @justgo • • Creative at @market-me-media • • Was an agent of @first-data-corporation • • Studied at @missouri-state-university ago.

ID 630420

Daniel Pepper

ID 228533

Brad Hefta-Gaub


Punk turned Developer turned CTO turned CEO turned Advisor turned Investor turned Punk... rinse and repeat. Life is about learning daily and loving what you do.

ID 420917

Zachary Zion


CEO & Founder of alternative investment fund CAZ

ID 41465

Paul Orlando

Building an Incubator for USC students and alumni. Co-founder of AcceleratorHK. Runs startup advisory program called Startups Unplugged. Now lives in Pasadena.

ID 174609

Earl Martin Valencia


President and Co-Founder of the IdeaSpace Foundation, Smart Communications VP of Innovation, Stnaford MBA graduate

ID 322275

Aditya Shah

Currently lead expansion @ Instacart. Previously founded 2 companies in enterprise software and consumer ecommerce space. Waterloo engineer & Deloitte alumni.

ID 205362

Adam Kravetz


Worked at @tower-research-capital-llc • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 148469

David Gjeldum

Designer @active-mind-technology

ID 93623

Greg Moran

Dedicated cleantech entrepreneur

ID 43941

Dan Coates


Co-founded @planetfeedback (sold to Nielsen), commercialized @polimetrix (sold to YouGov), NAm reseller of Globalpark EFM software platform (sold to QuestBack AS)

ID 21261

Jonas Grankvist


SharesPost 100 Fund

ID 146541

Sieuwert van Otterloo


Software enthusiast with a lot of business and strategy experience. Active as investor, advisor and entrepreneur

ID 406436

Oleg Uritsky


Successful entrepreneur & investor in transportation, healthcare, real estate and venture fund industries. Investing in seed & early-early stage startups.

ID 56622

Marc Aafjes


Supporting @the-ant-works , @opnt and founder/CEO of a new venture. Formerly @vodafone @gemini-consulting + others @stanford GSB @vrije-universiteit-amsterdam

ID 135970

Jeff Potash


Investor @courtagen, @agencourt

ID 104224

Marek Ciesla


Investor in GatelessVPBN technology project. Entrepreneur with international Sales/Marketing background. MBA at Oxford Brooks.

ID 215635

Satoshi Sugie

Co-Founder & CEO @whill , @smile-park, @500startups • Worked at @nissan-motors • Studied at @ritsumeikan-asia-pacific-university, @nanjing University(China)

ID 240620

Prakash Sundaresan (孙博凯)


CTO at Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group, based in China. Extensive network in Asia and Seattle area. Expertise in Big Data, Cloud, IOT.

ID 307076

Maxwell Wessel


VP of Innovation Strategy at SAP. Active angel investor. Member of Clay Christensen's think tank and the WEF Global Agenda Council. Writer for the HBR.

ID 77503

Mike Vladimer

I like to be the bridge between the product and customer. Entrepreneur with MBA from UC @berkeley @haas and MS engineering from @CarnegieMellon.

ID 203122

Randy Castleman


Investing in early stage enabling technologies

ID 75355

Ram Srinivasan


Independent Venture Advisor & Venture Partner at Wellington Partners

ID 67213

Shane Cheek


Founded @acumen-ventures , Dad of 2, Husband of 1

ID 58288

Boris Pevzner


Founder & CEO of Collectrium. Co-founded xfire ($102M exit) and Centrata (a cloud computing pioneer). Ventures funded by @kleiner-perkins-caufield-byers, @greylock-partners, @dfj. BS and MS from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 440968

Pablo Javier Barni

CFO and Co-Founder at @technorides . Previously worked at @accenture and Argentinian Ministerio de Planificación, Inversión Pública y Servicios.

ID 338556

Jiří Prokeš

Worked at @media Factory as a Key Account Manager, @Zaraguza Digital and @semantic Visions as a MD. Started own startup on 2013-06. Business background.

ID 63734

Kel Zhang

My passion is for creating software applications that the world can use.  I have an incredible eye for detail and what makes something "pop".

ID 149502

Vinay Jagessar


Founded Arterial Marketing in 1999, operated as a highly successful marketing agency, invested in Stamford Interactive in 2009. Looking for more successful opportunities.

ID 142751

Gary Levine


Involved with early stage and VC/PE backed companies for 25 yrs, as entrepreneur and attorney. Current - Senior VP of Bus Dev at Solium Capital.

ID 65646

Brendan English


ID 340710

Aimee Schulman

Marketing & Operations Expert seeking an Operations/Logistics/Community role. Previously @ Viacom, Meebo, Kontera, Pulse; Currently @linkedin.

ID 163707

Daniel Pedraza

Relentlessly resourceful, passionately curious individual with a track record of positive persistence. Looks good in a suit but prefers to wear shorts.

ID 74353

Ryan MacCarrigan

Founder & Chief Experimenter at LeanStudio. Former VP Marketing & Biz Dev at Lean Startup Machine.

ID 137316

George Thiruvathukal


Software Engineer and Economist with experience in technology/product/cost/business-process management and other areas that seemed interesting at the time.

ID 253493

David Albert


Toronto GM @handy-1. Previously: Co-Founder @wagjag-com - Canada's largest daily deal site, Co-Founder @homehub , GM at Postmedia

ID 224434

Todd Dipaola


Founded & bootstrapped Vantage Media (#31 on Inc 500, sold for over $100MM), Founded & bootstrapped inMarket (mobile platform reaching in store shoppers)

ID 51812

Pree Kolari


User Experience, Cofounder @memetales

ID 82136

Frank Ball


Managing Partner, New Dominion Angels

ID 186457

Brian Mayer

Self-taught full stack dev w/ experience leading domestic & international eng. teams. PM @styleseat. Founder @techweek & PM @ustream. BA @university-of-chicago.

ID 221082

Bia Friends and Family


ID 199114

Packy McCormick


Breather NYC City Manager, ThrowGo Founder, ex-BofAML IB, Sumeria Group Advisor, @duke Graduate.

ID 27341

Felipe Barousse


Businessman,Entrepreneur,Information Systems Architect,Author,Keynote Speaker,Radio Host,Media Producer,Investor,Engineer,Tech Evangelist,Philanthropist

ID 243290

Kurt Schaubach


20+ years in various facets of wireless telecom, senior technical management, key executive at startup NextWave Wireless

ID 477956

Brandie Heinel

Freelance product management - art, adventures, outdoors, bikes, health, fitness Frog the dog and smiles - exBarbarian, exFlipboarder, exPrehyper.

ID 88476

Federico Vega



ID 207870

Kote Flosse


ID 321725

Naini Gomes

Stanford MS in Management, Product Design and Launch Experience, Incentive Mechanism Researcher, Startup Experience

ID 399756

Christian Noske

BMW i Venturers. Adviser. Investor. Worked at KKLD (acquired by WPP) and Bosch.

ID 113386

Michael Dalesandro


CEO / Where I've Been

ID 53409

Ali Vahabzadeh


Founder/CEO @chariot. Fmr President @neighborcity. Finance exec @BofA. Builder of great teams and proven executor. @Vanderbilt. Unapologetic Long Islander.

ID 85153

Vasily Myazin

User Experience Professional, UI Designer and Interaction Engineer

ID 148593


software developer (mostly iOS but willing to do more) looking for new challenges.

ID 397552

Roger Chen


VC @ OATV, Berkeley Electrical Engineering PhD, science and technology nerd

ID 71790

Dan Byler

Technologist & dilettante. Product manager at Calorie Cloud.

ID 87726

Ezekiel Dumke IV


Managing Partner at Dumke Law, LLP

ID 69419

Ezra Goldman

MCP, @MIT & PhD dropout. Co-founded a bikeshare in 1999. Piaggio shared EV scooters at MIT Media Lab in 2006. 2 years managing a startup in Copenhagen.

ID 113863

Shahar Waiser


Founder & CEO @gettaxi-gett-in-usa

ID 519883

Helena Malchione

Strategy & analytics at MarketInvoice. Finance background (Morgan Stanley). Art interest (Yale Art Gallery). Fluent Mandarin, French. Yale BA 2012, HBS MBA 2018

ID 255661

Julie Lein

Founder of Tumml • Studied at @stanford-university, @mit-sloan-school-of-management

ID 139453

Mahesh Haridevan

Design et cetera @teliportme

ID 84392

Michael Kosic


Tech Executive, Angel, and Entrepreneur

ID 265053

Chris Mills

Founder @helmethub • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 80452

Justin Pirie


Cloud Strategist at Mimecast. SaaS / Cloud Product and Go-To-Market Expert. Occasional Speaker and Blogger

ID 234877

Patrick Suzuki

Business development, GTM & Sales Process. Lead role in $40,000 Kickstarter campaign. Solid results in case competitions.

ID 405645

Mark Tseng


Create and build products; previously Otoy. Investor and advisor. 2009 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers candidate.

ID 133687

Mehrdad Majzoobi

Founder Mesh Motion Inc • Hardware lover, maker and breaker, transportation geek, sustainable urban planning enthusiast. Worked at @microsoft • PhD/MSc at @rice-university

ID 43481

Ivailo Guenov


10+ years of start-up investment and incubation experience. Founded @telispark (sold to Infowave Software), @logicalfactor (@concordusa), @groundswell-group

ID 363808

Mike Waltman

VP of Fleet at Scoot Networks. Business development, strategy, project management, operations; Worked at Bain, Daimler, eBay, Better Place, and Volvo Ventures

ID 236002

Fred Thuard


App economy veteran ex App Annie EVP. CEO 3* Start-up founder EU/US, raised/deployed X million early stage AAA B2B sales portfolio. Insead & Paris Sorbonne.

ID 55032

James Swanston

Entrepreneur, environmentalist, army officer

ID 374067

Clark Gates-George

Worked at @adstage - MA Economics at @sjsu

ID 227975

Ahmad Butt


Strong PE / turnaround background (Morgan Stanley, Centurion Capital, Investor in EM / Russia since early 90's). Studied at @oxford-university and @CMU. Angel investor, advisor to start-ups.

ID 66702

Eli Aleyner

Technology Entrepreneur, Product Management Professional

ID 237813

Tom Lokenvitz

Founder smove - on-demand mobility • Studied at @insead-1

ID 10503

Max Terry

Full-stack software engineer • Hypermedia interface designer

ID 280131

Andy Smith


Co-founded DailyBurn (sold to IAC), TechStars 2008.

ID 136855

Alan Joseph Williams

Product manager & 2013 Code for America Fellow.

ID 4565

Johnny Wong

COO at Tribal Tech. Worked at BCG, @google, Oracle, a few other startups. Full-on software engineer with business experience.

ID 254579

Aaron Pattillo


Co-founder of Khunu, investor/board member of Tugende; Colgate & Northwestern alum

ID 268458

Heather R Morgan

Economist, Writer & Globetrotter. Cold emails are my superpower. @500startups

ID 78216

Jeff Osborn


President, Founder at Insanely Great Products, Inc.

ID 115782

Stephen Killeen


President & CEO, The CarbonNeutral Company

ID 197600

Azim Chowdhury


ID 265940

Seth Metsker


Founded Kolea Capital Management, founded Pegasus Lodges & Resorts

ID 505903

Volker Berl


Founded,,,, etc M.B.A. General Management Ph.D. Organic Chemistry M.Sc. Chemical Engineering

ID 175197

Robert Bertsch


Consultant @one-more-pallet. Investor @onemorepallet-1.

ID 143638

Zig Serafin


leads Skype for Business, formerly lead AI platform for Cortana, previous GM/President Tellme 

ID 203968

Lindsay Snider


ID 262566

David Kranz


David has founded and sold numerous companies across multiple Industries, which include E-commerce, Restaurant Delivery, E-Publishing, Real Estate and Finance.

ID 121845

Zoe Hoster

Business Development; Europe and Silicon Valley

ID 501076

Marc Beale

Founder @geniusly • Worked at @blackrock, @btg-pactual • Studied at @london-school-of-economics

ID 45290

Maris Dagis

CEO and co-founder at @sellfy, previously founded & sold Background in web design & front end development.

ID 412041

Malaika Judd

Principal at Savannah Fund, a seed technology VC fund based in Kenya. Corporate experience in Marketing, Branding, & Product Development. MSc in Economics.

ID 49421

Nikola Budisavljevic

Co-Founder of @ridepost, 1st startup out of school JD 2010/MBA 2012

ID 102252

Geoff Mathieux


Experience: DigitalThink and Lucent Technologies GLDP MBA in Finance from Thunderbird - Class Valedictorian with 4.0 GPA (400 graduates)

ID 183092



ID 95487

Stephen Hamilton


ID 307301

Dave Kozuki

CEO and Co Founder at Tow Choice

ID 122650

Lauren Rose


president at xaraf management llc and Owner, xaraf advisors corp

ID 136056

F. Xavier Helgesen


CEO & Co-Founder at @off-grid-electric

ID 40067

Robert Reich



ID 95480

Charles Stack


Successful serial entrepreneur (3 exits). Pioneered most of the features in today's internet retailing. Has multiple investments in @iguiders-2.

ID 118140

Paddy Spence


ID 249629

New York Angels Entrepreneur Catalyst Fund


The New York Angels Entrepreneur Catalyst Fund is the seed fund of the New York Angels. Our group has invested over $45 million in more than 70 companies.

ID 80722

Geoffrey LeMond


Designer. Listener. Founder. Dreamer.

ID 126459

Jean de La Rochebrochard

Partner @thefamily - Here is my Investment Thesis:

ID 99157

Will Johnson


ID 149628

Marcelo Fujimoto

Co-founder @mandae. Previouly founded @babycub. Worked at @retalhos-cariocas, @prospect-partners and @jpmorgan-chase . @case-western-reserve-university-1.

ID 121881

Andrew Lau


Technology Entrepreneur

ID 104214

Christof Baumbach

Cross-cultural, international Operations, Team and Technical Management.

ID 101701

Martin Anazco

Founder @jampp, @livra • Studied at @universidad-de-san-andres

ID 367523

Nadia Yun

Brand Marketing @google. 8+ years CPG Intl @starbucks-coffee-company Founding Team, Growth Hacker @tatcha-llc . Founder @airbrush-genie @Geminievents

ID 709802

Emmanuel Bamfo

Founder @groove International • Worked at @linkedin, @hitch • Studied at @washington-university-in-saint-louis • Things I love: My family, krav maga, Ghana

ID 102819

Mo ElBibany

Worked at @techwadi-org

ID 160936

Alessandra Noelting

Co-Founder @atlas-sailed • Hardware, Electronics & 3D printing • Entrepreneur and award winning app creator.

ID 144629

Snir Mac

Co-Founder & CEO at @ototo-inc I am a dreamer, what differs me from others is that I’m not afraid to dream big.

ID 272345

Adi Levanon

Worked at @rhodium • Studied at @idc-herzliya

ID 665033

Max Pike

MBA candidate at McCombs. Operations & Strategy @haven. Former Class 1 Railroad consultant, biz dev at car2go, and operations at CAI.

ID 22608

Xavi Caballé

Founder @anti-bleh. Solo built superdistribution service. Led acct aggregator sold to multiple banks @isoco. Engineer #2 at pioneer ISP in Spain (sold to telco)

ID 144396

Wally King


Director of Sales and Marketing @ascenergy • Co-Founder @health-hero • Worked @zipcar, @hertz-rent-a-car • Studied @university-of-california-santa-cruz

ID 102244

Fred Gomez

Co-Founder at @wingz

ID 49458

Russ Wallace


Managing Director, SF at Prolific Interactive. Previously founded @civicsponsor and @trendero.

ID 205237

Richard Child

Interaction Designer

ID 237924

Dennis Chiuten


NYU Stern MBA, currently in investment banking, former nonprofit fundraising professional

ID 183581

Babu Dahal


Founder Sancy Capital • Investor @crowdcube • Studied at @cambridge-college

ID 444461

Juraj Vaculik


Co-Founder&CEO AeroMobil, Flying Car Investor at Pexeso Investor at Synopsi Co-Founder Piponeer Founder MADE BY VACULIK ad agency

ID 61050

Bob Bridge


CEO at InView Technology Corporation

ID 286845

Caroline Jaquiss

Vassar College Graduate; Worked at CBS News and Blackboard Mobile. Bitcoin enthusiast.

ID 109939

Maneesh Bhandari


Founded and sold @sena-systems. Angel investor in 7 companies. B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur, MBA from Stern school of business, New York University.

ID 288094

Dave McVey


Founded @affordable-framing • Investor @helmethub

ID 32754

Antti Hannula


Serial Entrepreneur with proven track record in the mobile software industry. Previously co-founder of @akumiitti and @ecolane.

ID 102236

Jeremie Romand

Entrepreneur - Co-founder of Wingz - Product - Design - Traveler

ID 31511

John Wolpert

At IBM, looking for interesting companies in API / Mobile. Founded Flywheel, spun it out of Best Buy, raised two rounds of funding, hired growth team.

ID 445077

Jeremy Guillory


Building @startupbootcamp's new accelerator in SF focused on smart transportation.

ID 254187

Jason Greenman


Former head of Product and M&A @loopnet. @stanford-university BS Product Design, @stanford-university GSB Sloan Fellow.

ID 215590

Aaron Robinson

@zockster and @parametric • Worked at @google (public policy, HR tech), @obama for America (operations) • Studied at @Wash U (economics)

ID 376615

Mikko Hagelberg

economist turned into an entrepreneur, Helsinki - Silicon Valley bridge builder, data enthusiast, marketer, salesman

ID 295409

Steven Cains

Responsive Sports Founder

ID 252285

Nadia Syed


Manager @a-p-moller-maersk-1, Consultant @the-boston-consulting-group-1. Investor @smove.

ID 183694

Aditya Pandyaram

Product Manager @augmate . Worked at @general-electric, @Esterline • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 46050

Alan Gould


Currently, EIR at Greycroft Partners, an early stage VC. Founded and was Co-CEO of @iag-research, which the Nielsen Company (NLSN) bought in 2008 for $250M.

ID 94753

Dan Re'em



ID 375569

Daniel Robinson


Senior Associate @ SJF Ventures in NYC, $90mm VC fund. Wharton MBA, Good Energies, Citigroup, Formation 8, start-ups backed by Kleiner Perkins, Accel, NEA.

ID 71856

Jack Wheeler

Business innovator. Former Founder in Residence at Sandbox Industries - ideating, testing, launching new startups, including Lost Crates. Early Groupon employee

ID 218386

Andreas Brenner

Founder @avrios. Biz Dev @deindeal-goodshine-ag , @Palisis, @wuala. Studied at U of St. Gallen, U of Hong Kong, Nanyang Technological U, U of Washington

ID 258891

Samuel Barbosa

Co-founder @easydeliver • Worked at @dujour

ID 466696

Antoun Nabhan


Former Sr. Director of Corporate Development at Onyx Pharmaceuticals (sold to Amgen 2014 for $10.6B). Founder and finance / business development executive for three private biotechnology companies. VC and public equities investor with Sagamore Bioventures

ID 121636

Stephen Weir


Founder @saturn-media, @tarvis-technology • Worked at @housman-weir-investments • Investor @vacaville-peabody-llc, @san-francisco-harrison-llc

ID 180866

Doron Cohen


Serial Entrepreneur; Global businessman. Focused on International Business, M&A, uncovering the potential (and value) in new business models & tech.

ID 118720

J. Brian Anderson


Former co-manager for VC seed fund, M&A in Biotechnology, MBA at Kelley School of Business, Strategy consulting Fortune 500. Let's work hard together.

ID 385215

William Harris

Founder Driveless • Worked at @spiceworks • Interned at @yahoo • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 390957

Andrew Chatham


Venture for America fellow working in Vegas for Project 100 ( and investing through Progression Labs (

ID 241564

Ivan Tsybaev

MFin (SSU & Hokkaido University) • CEO/Founder @trucker-path • Tech blogger • VP, PR at American Business Association of Russian-speaking Professionals (AmBAR)

ID 198139

Richard Lau


ID 99018

Bryan Farris

Founder @domoar • Loves coding, business strategy, ice hockey & travel • Prev: @transithero @bain-company (SF) @acumen-fund (Pakistan) • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 182548

Hicham Jorio


Founder @citi-capital • Worked at @expedia, @qwest-communications • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 224594

Doug Hecht


President & COO, Digitaria, A JWT Company

ID 46597

Travis Schmidt

Founded Worldfare Bustaurant, Passion for technology, strategy and team development. Specialties, Accounting / finance, system design and implementation.

ID 212553

Sam Wilderman


ID 243360

Mike Mazzocco


CEO and founder of Alytic, Inc. Focusing on energy conservation technologies for military applications. Former Army Corps of Engineers Officer.

ID 371728

Derek Kastner

Jack of all web trades, I can dive into many projects and problems and quickly start contributing.

ID 381625

Randall Hunt

did some stuff

ID 647949

Sergio Legorreta


I am an active investor & mentor in tech entrepreneurs. I am a high-end technology lawyer. I have also co-founded several technology start-ups

ID 124013

Raghu Havaldar

Product/Customer Development. Advisor to Startups. BS/MS in CS. Duke MBA. 4 Startups. Fortune 50 (IBM, GE, GM). Product Management, Development, Marketing, BD.

ID 71472

Allyn Alford

Founding partner at @drivsocial, Inc. Co-Founder at @whatupbridge. SDE, Brightstar Corp. (System Integration's Architect.)

ID 102663

Stephan Ango

Head of design and co-founder at @lumi.

ID 118746

Jonathan Gay


Founder Explory, @greenbox-technology, FutureWave Software • Worked at Adobe, @macromedia, @silverspring-networks • Investor @smilebox

ID 237576

Greg Tate


During his seven years at, during which the company quickly rose from relative obscurity to become the most widely adopted CRM platform in the world, Greg served in both sales and strategic leadership roles. As a Account Executive, Greg’s a

ID 44579

Shawn Gardner

Founder of customer development, partnerships, marketing.

ID 239048

Matthias Spieß


Engineer, co-founded Spreadshirt (Accel, Kennet), VZ (sold to Holtzbrink), ...

ID 77031

Felix Menard

Product guy. Founded @weroll @exitlist. Well-travelled, designed-focussed, art-lover, dedicated coder, bicycle rider.

ID 646059

Cameron Poetzscher


Corporate Development at Uber, formerly Goldman Sachs.

ID 98882

Ajith Kumar Padmanabhan

Founder/CEO of @chakkr -> the smart way to ship goods; 2nd start-up after over a decade of (Technical) corporate consulting; MBA (for namesake), Tech (passion)

ID 242741

Olivier Rosset


Music and Cultures

ID 40471

Yonatan Raz-Fridman

Obsessively curious

ID 151189

Marcus Siegel


Facebook for 4+ years. Currently advising and consulting in San Francisco.

ID 51933

Brian Park

COO of Startup Grind

ID 189795

Sean Ryan


ID 279969

Brittany Heyd

Founding Team @1776 • Studied @GeorgetownLaw - Loves working with startups changing the world

ID 79123

Kyle Walker

VP Engineering at @flowbelow

ID 207582

Hogan Chao


Investor @kai-ba

ID 589647

Benjamin Mautner


Investor in Ridescout. Princeton graduate.

ID 426139

James Bailon

Background in small biz Ops and program/project management. Continual learning is paramount.

ID 38519

Erik Larson

MIT CS, ex-Wall Street quant, data visualization, user experience-oriented product manager

ID 297022

Maxwell Fine

GC at HEVO Power, Co-Founder of AppReviewMe. Strong business background with a legal sense. GW, 2007, Pace Law 2011

ID 121871

Sebastian Dehling

Business Developer, Maker and Strategist - I go with the flow but regularly off the beaten pass to fail, learn and repeat.

ID 579360

Jonathan Elist


Studied at @stanford-university, @harvard-university

ID 140533

Andy Szybalski


Staff UX Designer at Google (8 yrs), led design on: Google Now, Schemer, Street View, Self-driving car. Stanford CS. Loves starting things.

ID 227132

Patrick T. Hoffman

Grad of @DrexelUniv's B.Arch. & @columbia GSAPP's MSUP. @SingularityU GSP12 TF. Cities/Edu/Health/Sensors & #prodmgmt. About:

ID 74118

Joe Scott Seyoum

CEO-Inventor at @phantomalert-1 Inc.

ID 361054

Michael Saadeh

An experienced technologist focused on the intersection of product design and connecting with markets []

ID 4533

Ross Lin

Founder of @jayride, @projectx-technology.

ID 57792

Max Klein

Entrepreneur & Creative Business Development

ID 237789

Andrew Szatan

Full stack marketer raised on direct response, hooked on marketing tech. Helped edu startup grow to $100M+. NYU grad. The answer is usually "test it."

ID 466554

Varoon Jain

Customer Success @addy. Founded consulting firm; worked at Goodby Silverstein; business/pre-med @UVA.

ID 132344

Eric Willis

Founder of Near Inc. 1st biz in grade school. Born entrepreneur. Strong business background. World traveler (over 30 countries). Multi-lingual

ID 30657

Alok Pradhan

Founder, @slice-rides. Fellow, Rocky Mountain Institute.

ID 65813

Dave Hepworth

Founder @adbiddr, @arrive-by • Worked at @motorola, @bae-systems • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @university-of-south-australia. Experienced CTO/CEO.

ID 107315

Troy Do


Founder @simple-careers, @hitch-lab • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @ohio-wesleyan-university

ID 67794

Krys Freeman

Product Manager • Founder @HeLLaRides • Worked at @greenbiz-group • Studied at @occidental-college • A firm believer in technology as a vehicle for radical change.

ID 86657

Tim Fernando

Creator of @esplorio previously creator/manager of products at Oxford University. Big on travel, full stack developer.

ID 58037

Cesar Schneider

Founder & CEO @eworks-labs

ID 463100

Nava Bromberger

Sr. Product Manager with Ecommerce, CMS, and Media Expertise. Worked at top Silicon Valley Companies

ID 715488

Seth DeGroot


Managing Partner at Brightstone Venture Capital

ID 150196

Casper Oppenhuis de Jong

Marketing Manager Amsterdam @uber | Political Economy @university-of-birmingham '11

ID 58792

John Zeman


Regional Manager, Business Development for URS Corporation. Expertise in corporate strategy and negotiation. Advisor to the Board of Enroute Systems Corp.

ID 22604

Sean McCann

ID 361809

Anthony Levandowski


Founded a bunch of companies, sold them successfully... helping others do the same.

ID 8088

Larry Greenfield

Co-Founder and CEO of @traffictalk - Extensive telecom industry and technology development experience

ID 285226

Mauricio Ortiz Ciglio

Founder and CEO at RoadApps, living in Silicon Valley and São Paulo (Brazil)

ID 448786

Jesper Hörnberg


Co-founded GIVEWATTS, Greener Hill Africa Ltd, Blue Africa Holdings, Malaika Holdings, The Nairobi Hub, and more.

ID 93560

Andrew Reback

Founder, @formasaurus. COO and head of product at startups and larger shops including @intuit, @excite-home, and @shiva-1. Always working on stuff that matters.

ID 384232

Chris Upjohn


Entrepreneur and investor

ID 648912

Todd Schell


VC investor at Cue Ball Capital. Prior investing experience with Warburg Pincus focusing on financial services companies.

ID 19340

Dwight Gunning

Tech Adventurer. Advisor at @sntmnt. Founder & CEO @revirda. Global Facilitator @startupweekend.

ID 241923

Christopher Smith


Run a consumer logistics business (TransitSystems,com). 25 year investor in small companies, as well as the market. Mentored a number of students at Wharton.

ID 117710

Ben Rikh

Learning machine (Pipeline: Kairoi, Ubiqars, Nomos, Gheusis, Vitro Venture, Gamblea, Leeterate)

ID 33126

Ryan Croft

Cofounder & COO at Transit Screen

ID 104380

Daniel Cohen

I take complex situations and make them easier and executable. Formerly sat on investment committee of $4billion PE fund. Interested in product/bizdev roles.

ID 168679

Sarah Ashley Byrd

B.A. English, Harvard College, 2007; Worked at Center on the Developing Child at @harvard-university-1 and on Health and Education policy in the @u-s-senate

ID 183580

Zach Stout


Founder • CFO of Criterion Capital Management • Investor,, • Studied at @Notre Dame, @BYU,

ID 439686

Simon Boag


Managing Director IncWell. Prior; CEO Stage 2 Innovations, many years in Automotive.

ID 560704

Quin Garcia


• Board Member: Green Driver Inc (‘13-present) • Advisor: Controlled Power Technologies (‘12-present) • Founding Employee: Global Automotive AlliancesBetter Place (‘07-‘12) • Business Analyst, Management Consulting Strategic Management Solutions (‘05-‘07

ID 249958

Alex Mitchell

Launched CODA retail sales network. Worked at @world-economic-forum @mckinsey-company, @toyota @chrysler-group • Studied at @stanford-university, @wharton-school

ID 241866

Gary Starr


Founded U.S. Electricar (Enova) and several other start ups.

ID 168500

Jianming Zhou

Co-Founder @sherpashare , Founder @butu, Worked at @loopt, @alohar-mobile, @telenav

ID 286454

Bruno Torres

ID 199436

Eli Foner



ID 173998

Wenqi Shao

Driving business and product decisions with analytics. Facebook Data Science. Private Equity. MS, BS, BA @stanford-university

ID 90973

Danish Farhan


Founder of hybrid consulting boutique @xische-co and investor at Dubai-based startup incubator @blacksheep-ventures

ID 187720

Tiffany Bukow


ID 217475

Adam Eagle

CS Student and Entrepreneur at MIT; Developer, Designer & Thinker; Intern at Dispatch

ID 78635

Sandeep Bhaskar

Co-founder @tripthirsty @ideophone 'Redefining Travel | Journeys' Helped building @suruk, @onetouchsos, @pyka, @kopa_app, @tripthirsty

ID 125095

R. Matt Villarreal

Founder at CleanNG.

ID 380385

Michael Minar


Stanford Physicist, turned Data Scientist. Director of Analytics for Euclid Analytics. Bringing online analytics to the offline world.

ID 134193

Manoj Kumar


Founder @zcabs • Worked at @arthur-d-little-inc • Studied at @hult-international-business-school

ID 107032

John Bell


ID 189498

Christer Andersson


Worked at @nokia, @ericsson • Studied at @stanford, @london-business-school

ID 263965

Adam Bernstein

Stanford EE, early hire at Better Place, international startup experience, iOS mobile design and development

ID 87566

Darren Heaphy

Chief Product Officer @scurri

ID 35301

Abhinav Kumar

Founder EVOMO • Studied at @guru-gobind-singh-indraprastha-university

ID 474465

Rahul Goyal


Founder @spyn ; Previously @Lone Star Funds, @ernst-and-young , @hsbc ; Studied @london-business-school-2 Engineer @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 292262

Catherine Dahl

Founder Beanworks Solutions, accountant since 2003, business management since 1991. Worked in operaitonal accounting across many industry sectors. 3rd startup.

ID 400254

Konstantinos Perros

ID 126155

Michael Tate

Chief Operations Officer at CleanNG, LLC.

ID 303949

Dan Shifrin

ID 33125

Bogdan Andrei

Founder of "Broadcast Analyst" - a real time measurement platform for television shows.

ID 134198

Will Davies


Investor @halotechnics

ID 120453

Patrick Schmidt

Co-Founder and CTO of @chakkr: the smart way to ship goods. Strong/passioned tech background (Groovy/Grails, Spring, HTML5, ..), IT Consultant e-Commerce (Otto).

ID 179832

Michael Sinanian

Worked at @venturebeat • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @university-of-michigan

ID 345353

Dimas Avila

I am a serial entrepreneur and I´ve been awarded with National and International startups contest. I am always looking for new challenges and new ventures

ID 177527

Bill McNeely

Founder @convoyer ; Retail at @target / @nordstrom; Logistics, Transportation & Leadership @USArmy

ID 101515

Aleksander Soender

Founder @ants, @haxi • Worked at @nokia, @podio @ogilvy • Studied at @roskilde-university University

ID 60543

Ian Garmaise

Product Manager with Koda Media Group

ID 25977

Hirav Gandhi

Stanford engineer and full-stack engineer. Looking for opportunities in consumer and financial products.

ID 125353

Nic Lowe


Owner and Founder at GoGet Carshare and Fleetcutter Technology

ID 123125

Chris Thompson

International Business ~ Entrepreneur - DC - SF - China - India - Pakistan - Across the Pond

ID 59107

Brittany O'Neill

CFO of BeneShip, making shipping simpler and cheaper for small businesses. Former theater producer. All around tech and media fanatic.

ID 675789

Brian Morrison


WPI MSEE, successful founder/ entrepreneur, Chief Technical Officer, inventor, executive, large company experience with Raytheon, Beech, Parker; FAA experience

ID 67806

Spencer Irvine

Founder of Airventions Inc. Developed 2 issued patents. MIT Sloan MBA, Aerospace Background (Lockheed Martin, Georgia Tech)

ID 281837

Ari Zilnik

UX Architect @lab49. Strong @user-experience-design-1 skills. Founder @swrm-io. @carnegie-mellon-university MHCI grad. Worked at @apple . 3rd place @ CHI '13. finalist in IxDA.

ID 93187

Dan Tamkin


Former VC associate. Founder / CEO of Unified Dispatch which we sold to Veolia Transdev in 2011; now represent Veolia Transdev for prospective investments and partnerships; I am most interested in transportation start-ups.

ID 408394

Alexa Roman

Product Designer

ID 538931

Jesús Vidales


Founder @coinbatch, @intelihost-mexico • Worked at @ravisa-s-c, @grupo-idesa • Studied at @london-school-of-economics, @Universidad Ibero Americana

ID 435558

Filipe Laranjeira de Oliveira

Founder @zipspaces • Worked at @altran-europe • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @delft-university-of-technology

ID 48664

Roberto Serrano N

Entrepreneur, business advisor, interested in startups

ID 140946

Jonathan Sadow

Works at @google • Studied at @george-washington-university Product Manager for Google Consumer Surveys Founder @ New Co (transportation)

ID 212367

Kamil Barbarski

Founder of MAK3it & LEANHEROES. Business Designer and Online Marketer with strong Customer Development and Prototyping skills. Master BA. Ready to take off!

ID 469434

Scott Stadum

Digital Strategist and Analyst, worked at NPR, Sunlight Foundation and and former Peace Corps Volunteer

ID 103861

Jeremie Gougenheim


Investor @mobile-now-group

ID 109130

Sarah Kennedy Ellis (@saykay)

VP, Product Marketing & Strategy. Former Head of R&D, Sabre Labs + Sabre Ventures.

ID 22791

Paal Kristian Levang


CEO @synaptic-technologies-as. MSc in Distributed Information System and Computing. 20 years telecom experience 100+ IT deliverables.

ID 53578

Spiros Kapetanakis

at CoLab in Athens

ID 134041

Ryan Jones


Design & Ops. Data nut. Startup consultant. @duke-university

ID 171238

Spencer Horowitz


Worked at @zoran, @intel • Studied at Kellogg School of Management MBA + BSCS

ID 342014

Mateusz Maj

Disrupting insurance with Motosmarty as co-founder • 7 years experience in financial & insurance industry • PhD in math and economics • nature lover & traveller

ID 257880

Avram Rampersaud

ID 469330



CEO and founder of EcoMachines Incubator, a London-based hardware seed fund and Accelerator

ID 47348

Michael Perlmutter


member of CommonAngels pres of Skylight Navigation co-founder of Fibersense Technology - sold to Northrop Grumman education - 3 degrees from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 116648

Steve Bell


Founder SVNL (sold to HP-Agilent), Kinesis, StartupTrek TV.

ID 394362

Aziz Pabani

Founder Clipas. Simplifying commercial real estate search. Education enthusiast. Previously Printi, First Round Capital, Citi. Studied at Wharton.

ID 219424

Ed Vincent


Founder @myproducer, Founder & CEO @emailpredict, Founder, Co-Director @kate-shea-foundation, Founded @simplyengage.

ID 134251

Thane Plambeck


ID 477674

Christopher Snyder

Founder @GoRedBUS • Worked at compass-airlines as System Operations Control Shift Manager with strong background in complex operations management.

ID 235775

Kevin Aleman


Founder, CEO @luxstack makers of Razrbit; sold 1st startup to @monster; platform & app lead for Softbank, @yahoo-japan, @fujitsu; enterprise R&D for @adidas

ID 284230

Murtaza Jawadwala

Entrepreneur & Investor

ID 46617

Eric Veleker

New Ventures, Operations & Strategy Consultant

ID 127495

Innokenty Belotsky


Chairman of Cloud4Auto Ventures. Invest in IT startups in Automotive industry

ID 70476

Don Hough

Founder/CEO @m-m-tanis-investment-group-llc, The Toussaint Technology Group. Very strong IT/business background. Worked at @ibm, BofA. Passionate about Haiti

ID 131572

Jeffrey Henderson

Former VP of Sales and Marketing @invested-in. Background in sales and business development for digital marketing and technology companies.

ID 125685

Francis L'Esperance


Private Equity Investments in Media and Business Services

ID 276232

Henning von Kalm


Seasoned finance professional with appetite for 3 - 4 early stage, non-tech start-ups; strong preference for ventures catering to "traditional" industries

ID 223813


Turtles all the way down.

ID 193207

Dmitriy Pustovalov

Founder at @mycitycar, Worked at @microsoft, @superdeal-ua • Studied at @state-university-of-new-york-system, @budapesti-corvinus-egyetem

ID 109776

Nicholas Horsthuis


Founder @islestartup, @argadnel-ventures • Studied at @king-s-college @london From @Isle of Man

ID 163380

Jasbir Singh


Pronto Networks provided source code license of the core platform

ID 144075

Damion N. Wongsang Jr.


Founder @frezit-labs-inc,@deitscho, @the-brooklyn-university • Worked at @wix • Investor @deitscho • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 75529

Jeff Delezen

Software Architect / Developer at CareNow, Inc.

ID 455800

Simon Siu

Founder Fly Taxi (Hong Kong)

ID 630336

Rohan Sarith P

Worked at @lek-consulting, @hack-reactor • Studied at @university-of-cambridge, @university-of-sydney

ID 610215

Karthik Manjunath

ID 652695

Hassan Qureshi


Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Founder of @carimson-commerce @founder-institute, Pakistan, worked at @Tranzum, @tcs Express & Logistics & @tcs Financial

ID 226630



President Business Angels network #cleantech @CleantechBA Paris, France. Early stage Finance Startup & mentoring. Operational consultant. Helping Startup meet success.

ID 131467

Patrick Luciano Wegener

Co-Founder and CEO @easydeliver • Former founder @bidshop • Advisor @carimbada

ID 71344

Michael McConnell

Founder at @aerovoodoo LLC; President at @raisbeck-engineering; President & GM at @eclipse-aviation; @dell Corp;

ID 67400

Ben Doessel

Copywriter. Entrepreneur. Marketer. Face Melter. Movie Critic. Musky Angler. Chess Savant. Fluent in English and Sein Language.

ID 395583

Gautam Agarwal

ID 377070

Karan Girotra


Professor of Innovation at INSEAD, expert on Design of new Business Models, disruption of old Business Models, Author of "The Risk Driven Business Model"

ID 732394

Kurtis Arthur Lawrence Switzer

Kurtis was taught to run this company for over three years in South Dakota.

ID 90987

Viren Doshi

CEO and Founder of CTB. High level technology and business background. (@siemens and family business). BSc Comp. Science (Nottingham ’03), MBA (AGSM-UCLA '08)

ID 193689

Fred Philipson

Services professional with decades of experience implementing IT infrastructure and unique software projects. Degree from Rice, grad courses at Stanford

ID 70406

Dan Hoversten


Managing Partner- Hoversten Capital Partners

ID 581712

Aaron Terwey

startup attorney; ambassador @the-dallas-entrepreneur-center

ID 171167

Michael Ritger


Founder Lazooli, Mining Almanac. Finance & commodities background. Studied @bates @yale

ID 238582

Jeff Ericson

Founder Future Transit Systems • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @arizona-state-university

ID 616911

Sumeet Batra

Problem solver and idea generator with wide array of finance experience (research, equities, technology transfer commercialization). "wearer of many hats"

ID 223793

Walter Kissling


ID 202523


Current MIT Sloan Fellow focused on logistics & operations. Expertise in vendor management, demand planning & process development. Analytical and data driven

ID 458623

Keith Reinbolt

Worked at @zipcar • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @oxford-university

ID 239415

Will Silberman


Software engineer at Google, previously at Interactive Brokers.

ID 199672

Pedro Rivera Wiener


Founded @artmiami-tv. Director @argentine-american-chamber-of-commerce, Director @art-studio-miami, Furniture Designer & Product Development @rwlux

ID 413084

Alexandra Thur

Entrepreneurial business development specialist; Strategic director for two multi-billion dollar real estate startups; University of Cambridge grad

ID 477431

Kurt Summers


Partner at an alternative investment firm

ID 309229

Amy Warren

Built out the strategic approach to managing's highest spending accounts. Currently responsible for $16m in revenue and over 10% YOY growth.

ID 277678

Ender Bozkurt

ID 395684

Scott Simpson

Design Director and Co-Founder @urbanstems • Experienced UX/UI Designer & Developer • Previously @istrategylabs • Studied @boston-university-1

ID 322590

Mikhail Blank

CEO of Plug & Play Dagestan. Creating world-class business-incubator in the turbulent region.

ID 101895

Dan Becraft

Finance lead or R&D and Operations at @netsuite

ID 68368

Nik Mohan

Entrepreneur | Fitness Fanatic | APAC Region Specialist | Online Marketing Enthusiast | Green Energy Supporter ..It's all part of the rich tapestry of life!

ID 545500

Carmel Baran


I'm an entrepreneur aspiring to contribute to humanity

ID 101489

Giacomo Grisanzio

Entrepreneur and Consultant

ID 459778

Charles Myers

Seasoned Operations, Product & CX leader focused on delivering innovative, flexible and high quality experiences for all marketplace participants.

ID 97629

Azella Perryman

Associate Business Strategist at Jack Morton Worldwide

ID 870605

David de Sola


Investor, Author/Writer. Not necessarily in that order.

ID 473477

Nico Moreno ☁

Published Scientist, Former USC Athlete

ID 316449

Ed Tobin

MIT - innovator, architect and tech manager; startup founder & 15,000 person enterprise: cloud, telecom, enterprise and government

ID 644078

Angel Ceballos

Product Designer by day, Programmer hobbyist by night, and Alumni of Parsons The New School for Design. Co-Founder of Cebadel.

ID 835910

Mark Henle

Ph.D. in Physics; Can quickly master technical and programming skills; Experience in Python, Javascript, SQL; Looking to start a career as a Data Scientist.

ID 224901

Brett Friedland


ID 545369

Kendrick Geluz Kho

Multidiscplinary student from Stanford, with an education in sociology, engineering, environment, and design. Looking for opportunities to learn and contribute.

ID 377681

Bernardo Alves

Founder and CEO at @taximotions. Strong background on mobility management. MSc on transportation.

ID 670521

Elaine Mao

M.S. in Computer Science and Journalism from Columbia, B.A. in Math and Rhetoric from UC Berkeley. Experience in NLP, AI, data science, web development.

ID 442587

Cate Hull

Founder @freightexchange • Started life as a data geek. Strong background in business @ernst-and-young, @citibank @commbank. BA.MBA

ID 245308

Patrick Flemming

Analytical business leader with strategy consulting and startup experience. Creative problem-solver with a get-it-done approach. Berkeley-Haas MBA.

ID 647431

Anna Caroline

Harvard MA, expert on Middle East, fluent in 4 languages, creative, passion for vintage fashion

ID 36790

Steve Gray

Founder @pacific-emotion-telegen-systems • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 109641

Neran Ashkenazi


I can make your business better. Founder @helponclick • B2B SaaS Investor @qhub, @h2desk & more • Studied at @bar-ilan-university, Israel

ID 367010

Sakshi Agarwal

Business Analyst @McKinsey; Previosusly APM @ Google, Design Researcher @ Stanford, studied Computer Science / HCI @ Stanford

ID 91269

Stelios Sbyrakis


ID 253927

Jorge Briones

Founder Nexus Rx, @grub-scan • Worked at @kaiser-permanente, @cvs-caremark • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara, @university-of-california-san-francisco

ID 56962

Tony Piedade

Founder & CEO of @joggingbuddy | @motorbikebuddy | @flyingbuddy | @mycyclingbuddy | @mytangobuddy

ID 124521

Paolo Sommariva

CEO at @fl3xx

ID 88493

Diana Sanchez

Founder @sontra • Worked at @jp-morgan, @barclays-capital • Studied at @university-of-bath

ID 16894

Christopher Rae


Senior Director of Global Operations @verimatrix-inc Enthusiast for tech startups, food, wine, rum, chess, hockey and frequent last-minute international travel.

ID 503968

B.O. Odeniyi

Founder Xpress Shuttle • Studied at @temple-university

ID 291867

Jacob Moskowitz

CEO and co-founder of LatAm Buses. Co-founder of Voyhoy / Latam Buses. Travel Junkie. Hamburger Aficionado. 

ID 51529

Omar Nathaniel Ely

President / CTO @ Cupp Computing. A designer solves problems. Comprehensive knowledge of HW & SW, IT ecosystems. Driving strategic vision into deployment.

ID 225411

Chad Person

Enterprise / Consumer. Starting/Scaling. Strategy/BusDev, Business Models/GTM/RTM. Advisor, operator, leadership, investor. Director @ca-technologies

ID 524873

Jianhan Wang

Student and MRC student manager at @babson-college '15. Previous Summer Study Mentor @babson-college

ID 16768

Dani Megrelishvili

co-founder at

ID 300176

Jeffrey Weber

Experienced entrepreneur co-Founder of Transfix) and Technology Sales expert and marketing professional (Gartner)

ID 434723

Valerie Moye

Aspiring Social/Eco-Entrepreneur with focus on: Urban Sustainability, Open Data, Civic Tech, Sharing Economy.

ID 456547

Adam Pegues


Navy fighter pilot and investor

ID 505773

Aaron Hans

Michigan BBA. Consultant at PwC. Freelance Nonprofit Consultant.

ID 204840

Dave Lenowitz


ID 131355

Cristiano Fontes

Founder @imobee • Worked at Cflex, @ibm, @votorantin-new-business • BSc Computer Systems at Puc-Campinas.

ID 247984

Anthony Alfidi

Founder Alfidi Capital • Worked at @ubs, @barclays-global-investors • Studied at @university-of-notre-dame, @university-of-san-francisco

ID 680585

Martina Mauro

Media relations for Amazon Italy and Italia Startup. Former PR manager of Key Capital. Master in Business Management. Founder of, ISAR member.

ID 341749

Danny Nelson

Software Engineer. Worked at ClientSuccess, Hack Reactor, and NodePrime.

ID 299982

Ashley Schoenknecht

Freelance Visual Designer.

ID 103634

Michael Denis

Vice President, Customer Engagement at InfoTrust

ID 217775

Josh Whiton


Entrepreneur. Mind explorer. Food-system reformer. Lifestyle innovator. Paleo practitioner. Longevity enthusiast.

ID 261551

Patrick Fitch



ID 373368

Patrick Beard

Worked at @booz-allen-hamilton, @accenture • Studied at @college-of-william-and-mary Mason School of Business (BBA)

ID 409181

Adam Gelman

Chief Commercial Officer @gogreenride-com, Co-Founder @cosmic-opera, Contributor @the-huffington-post, @indiana-university-bloomington Alumni

ID 188329

Ayodeji Olubusi, MBA

Founder of @citycirculator and @burnivine-media; Worked at @chevrontexaco, @general-motors and @baltimore-city-public-schools; @johns-hopkins-university student

ID 31503

Naved Jafari


Founder of Zeons, @sustainable-development-fund. Investor in @abbasaly-real-estate-development-fund, @zenith-resorts, @zeons-group-of-comp.

ID 136791

Jeff Robbert

Founder @transit-21 • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park, @university-of-florida

ID 436387

Rich Gill


Managing Director at Focus Financial Partners; investor in financial services companies and assorted other business ideas I like and find interesting

ID 438424

John Osumi

Co-Founder, CEO @bishop-peak-technology • Worked at @qualcomm • Studied Computer Engineering at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 410948

Daniel Sincavage

Leader, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Self-Starter, Team-Builder, Workhorse, Cold Caller, Closer: Launched a successful venture; Self-taught web developer

ID 96428

Ben Lee

Husband and father. Sushi addict. Serial entrepreneur. Co-founder and CEO @myautopilot.

ID 208830

Radoslav Tsvetkov

CTO & Co-Founder of Cabismo, Experienced in Web and Mobile Development, a Creative Out-Of-The-Box Thinker

ID 680134

Anthony Catania

Team-focused and driven. I take initiative and ownership quickly, along with the responsibility for learning that must accompany each.

ID 47068

Ralph Baddour


Co-founder of @polltogo. Engineer, former biomedical researcher.

ID 327162

r zamora


17+ years in overall high-tech industry experience in technical sales & business development calling on startups to Global 500 account. Based in San Francisco

ID 374484

Chris Labbe


Preference for investments go towards solutions in food/agriculture/technology/transportation industries.

ID 491139

Mehnaz K.

Mechanical engineer. Fed up with corporate bullshit. Hoping to find intelligent, hard-working, non brown-nosing people to work with.

ID 94583

Andrew Wuestenfeld


I am the Founder and CEO of Every Equity, Inc. I am also working on two other projects, a financial services product and an iOS game.

ID 784180

Lauren Henderson

Claremont McKenna College senior, graduating May 2015

ID 312464

Ted Gladish

Founder Innovative Green Technologies

ID 215916

Kulthirath Pakawachkrilers


Co-founder&CCO at Studentjoys • Previously (Rocket Internet GmbH, Worldbank, Sony) • School of Business@NUS,SG.

ID 577427

Teresa Woo


VC with Asiatech1999-2010 in Silicon Valley, HK and Sing. Experienced in turnarounds with nack for difficult boards. Founder Sky Pilates. MIT geek "Gadgetgirl"

ID 344881

Ryan Zhao

Partner at Clear Abacus, a supply chain software provider. International consulting and project management experience. BSE from Michigan.

ID 52478

Tim Holt

I was made redundant and set up a website to generate removal leads for removal companies. I have never had the money to do it properly, so it is just a hobby.

ID 365263

Chris Sorenson

Bay Area native, University of Michigan graduate. Passionate about digital content and revolutionizing the way we utilize the internet. Always eager to learn!

ID 76209

Mayu Shimizu


ID 266248

Jean Lauliac

Design. Test. Code. That's what I do.

ID 223995

Mladen Panov

Co-Founder of Cabismo. Experienced in Finance and Sales. Working hard and hoping for the best.

ID 137133

Kate Barnett

Currently at AppNexus in Strategy & Operations; former Bloomberg business strategist and Goldman i-banker; UPenn alum

ID 8219

Tim Tuxworth

Founded @gotaxi mobile app, Surf2School online English school and payroll software company EPPIK. Technology guru.

ID 484901

Conor O'Sullivan

MS Analytics student, extensive modeling and predictive analytics experience with R and Python through The Weather Channel and Citrix, loves machine learning

ID 222705

Jason Gilbert

Founder Podiversity • Soccer, Robots, Space

ID 149370

Drew Dara-Abrams

Turning a Ph.D. in mental maps, travel behavior, and environmental usability into engaging web/mobile apps. Full-stack developer and agile project manager.

ID 454868

Cameron Winterink

CycleKey Founder. Studied at @university-of-waterloo where I was also the "hard TA". Former engineering consultant and electronics designer.

ID 85247

Ron Carmel


Co-Founder @primordial-software, Founded @2d-boy, @indie-fund. Software Engineer III @electronic-arts. Investor @fez-polytron-corporation, @q-u-b-e-toxic-games

ID 216715

Harvey Lawson


ID 67194

Raghu nandan K


Founder Wraters LLC • Worked at @sun-microsystems, @alcatel-lucent • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles ,

ID 319331

Greg Barlow

Surtrac intelligent traffic signals. Ph.D. in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon.

ID 410061

Adam Rochford

Curiosity Engineering, University of Michigan

ID 215638

Thomas Ly

Generalist, Hardware Engineer, Robotics

ID 114225

Francis De Brabandere


Developer @apache-empire-db. Founded @carambla. Owner @carambla-park-smartly, Worked at @agfa-healthcare, @basf-plant-science, @cropdesign.

ID 479792

Nate Parks

Founder Celer Logistics Group • Worked at @us-army • Studied at @university-of-phoenix

ID 207224

MyENERGY, a.s.


We believe that progress of technology and human philosophy of utilizing energy will lead into a New Energy System.

ID 641590

Adam Levent

Strong Business and Business Devlopement background in the technology space (Lufthansa Systems); ready to roll up my sleaves and be part of something great.

ID 369631

Noam Brand

Founder of • Studied at @technion-israel MBA

ID 92899

Paul McCrosson

ID 55374

Lukas Leuthold

finding the why

ID 273469

Danielle Dai

MCP/ MS Transportation Engineering @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 389064

Kellen Voyer

Startup lawyer at Voyer Law Corporation, a cross-border law firm practicing California and British Columbia corporate and technology law.

ID 219740

Dermot Loughnane


CEO @tactical-marine-solutions. Founded @oldcastle-investments. President and CEO @skaugen-petrotrans, Director, Commercial Systems Integration @teekay

ID 231796

David Becker


Berkeley alum, MBA HEC Paris. Founded Becker Design, sold to Omnicom in '12.

ID 523831

Monica Finc

Experienced Public Affairs and Marketing Professional ► Raising Visibility and Awareness ► Community Liaison

ID 526356

Akanksha Chopra

Urban Designer & Architect. Comprehensive experience in sustainable urban projects, transportation and environmental policy and planning.

ID 670455

Tom Augenthaler


Marketed hedge funds with Oppenheimer & Co, created two hedge fund oriented web sites, participating in start up marketing firm, Ivy Worldwide

ID 631736

Prateek Kr. Bhowmick


An early stage angel investor. Would like to be invest in early stage company with proof of concept, revenue, SWOT, solid entry barrier and most important team.

ID 433122

Nayib Abdala

Founder SuperNova Colombia

ID 460919

Tilmann Alexander Heydgen

Co-Founder @recorrido, background in Economics and Finance, WWU Münster, CSU Chico, @credit-suisse

ID 201219

Thomas Dackow


Founded @interactive-technologies-inc. President @qsr-corp, President @fiserv-interactive-technologies

ID 461286

Kamila Kotlewska

International Business Launcher @ Expeditors; Strategic Business Development.

ID 45961


Founder of @tri-state-mortgage. Loan agent for: Countrywide, Lehman Bros. & Citi Group. BS/BA

ID 676348

Greg Mills


Intel, Xerox, InFocus. Ecommerce GM and Marketing Strategy.

ID 569445

Jamil Miles-Connell

Results-driven marketing leader committed to delivering compelling product innovation and strategic brand management to grow new or existing businesses.

ID 602666

Antoine Richards

Founder and Managing Director @starlantic-holdings-ltd. Member of the Institute of Directors (Bermuda branch). Ex-professional motorcycle racer.

ID 492013

Ashley Cox

M.S. in Analytics Candidate at USF Data Science Intern at Iteris

ID 485865

abraham muheize

Entertainment Transportation Systems • Studied at @central-washington-university

ID 363073

Laura Melling

Work at @opower • MA Physics @ucsb • BA Math/Physics @university-of-oregon • Baseball fan • World traveler

ID 174483

Chava Kronenberg

Worked at @city-and-county-of-san-francisco • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill, @wellesley-college. Work on public policy for the City; city planner and creative thinker.

ID 20596

Pavels Romanovskis

FMCG, Retail, Procurement / Marketing executive, father of 5, lives in Riga, Latvia

ID 220792

Prit Kang


ID 600955

A. Jarrod Jenkins

Litigator with a JD/MPA from UGA; UNC undergrad; Federal law clerk experience; IAPP member; Transportation and privacy focused

ID 519904

Saeed Abbaspour

Front-end Developer, UI/UX Designer, Product Manager • Co-founder @deliveer • ME 2012 @university-of-south-carolina

ID 482055

Michael Plunkett

Systems Developer at BNSF Railways. Former biologist at with a love for applied science. Currently a full-stack developer.

ID 573995

Andrew Janssen

Embrace risk, nurture value, create order.

ID 731154

Julie Barthoulot

Independent business consultant, my clients operate in the facilities / cosmetics / travel & leisure / media and energy businesses. Prev worked @RocketInternet

ID 278790

Charles Walton


Investor. Entrepreneur.

ID 193928

Sean Shakirov


Founder RideAuction

ID 481153

Adam Samaan


Founded The IDK Wear and Jamms Development.

ID 473348

Dennis O'Connor


Owner/Operator San Diego Taxman. Owner/Op Thorn St Brewery. Comedian

ID 124529

Stefan Oberender


Founded @fl3xx. Investor @fl3xx.

ID 363772

Ben Isenstein

BA in Econ/Finance at WashU; Interned in Finance for Nissan and Random House Publishing; Goal is to do cool things in cool places with cool people.

ID 206422

Justin Benjamin


Financial Mentor and Private Investor. Looking to meet interesting people with great ideas.

ID 674740

Stephanie Lee

...lifelong student, travel addict, proud aggie & horned frog, love all things related to marketing, startups & technology, biz dev @sabre

ID 695805

Daniel Corbett

Co-Founder of WageWorks Inc (WAGE-NYSE).

ID 554598

Bobby Sheppard

Founder SJOD LLC

ID 104024

Nathan Cherry

Project Finance / Infrastructure Attorney turned Energy Investment Banker

ID 59539

Prajwal Suhas P

Founder Hacktivist. Born2Fail. Internet Startups. Challenges & Problems Drive me. For Geekery. For Humanity. For Mankind. Yay!

ID 300807

Mike Evans

Hardware engineer with 7 years of IC design experience across several stages of the design flow. Interested in developing disruptive, high-impact technologies.

ID 215376

Yin Chenjia

USC ME, Tongji Automotive Engineer, 2 years working on Electric Vehicle Powertrain

ID 449132

Scott Owades

Improving urban transportation

ID 340833

Drew Smith

Co-Founder and Sr Research Scientist at True North Innovations Inc. Masters in Geography University of Maryland 2000. Rocket Scientist and Kiteboarder

ID 505225

Angela Batinovich


Have invested and managed five startup businesses.

ID 463431

Steve Itoga

VP of Operations at Tow Choice. 20 yrs at Portland Technology Development Intel Corp Industrial Engineer. Operation Research & Industrial Engineering Cornell U.

ID 617522

Brad Arguello

Founder of GlideStation. Boston College. Bought a food truck in 2011 created and grew concept into two brick and mortar restaurants, sold in 2013.

ID 534467

James Jones

Distributed Systems, PKI and Linux Master. Co-founder, and Chief Technology Architect of @saife.

ID 96288

John Evans

MBA in Finance & Entrepreneurship; Strong analytical, team leadership and project management experience; Extensive travel technology and telecom experience.

ID 189622

John Sullivan


ID 170329

TJ Lee


ID 80689

Chris Cotter


Worked in ground transportation for the last 8 years. Founder of Taxidata, an aggregate data tool for the industry. Investor in Coo Coo, scheduling/ticketing service for bus/train tickets.

ID 207064

Lessie Nunn


ID 637631

Garren Bryant


ID 80551

Ran Nussbächer

Senior Director, Client Solutions at @opower

ID 84685

Douglas Fleming

Technology sales specialist, company and product collaborator, commercial relationship builder and expert in security market requirements.

ID 524790

Lisa Sy

UX & Product Designer, Front-End Developer, self-taught liberal arts grad

ID 350193

Luciano de Godoy

CEO of Driiv - Dynamic peer-to-peer ridesharing.

ID 407920

Brett Bowlin

B.S. at UT. 4+ Years in Web Design and Front-End Development. Looking for Interaction Design role.

ID 188498

Adam Behrens


Software Engineer at Claris Corporation (Apple Computer) then managed engineering at various startups and went back to school to become a veterinarian.

ID 306972

Lennart Sönke Ruff

CMO @recorrido • Worked at @amazon, @simon-kucher-partners-1 • Studied at @university-of-muenster-1

ID 563131

Jeff DeMartini

Automotive, UI/UX designer. Strong, collaborative team leader, who thrives under pressure, loves traveling, great conversation and innovative creativity!

ID 70501

Andrea Zecchino

Founder of Veeno, the Italian wine café. Business consultant @ernst-and-young, analyst @kerry-group . Studied at @luiss-university Rome

ID 425208

Reena Factor

Account management @McCann_WW, entrepreneurial spirit and drive, Digital Certificate & Post graduate coursework @nyu, BA @Muhlenberg

ID 289385

Murali Kashaboina

Founder @entrigna

ID 326998

Hung Tran

Adventurer - Rubyist / Node

ID 736895

Sang Wook "Chris" Park

Consultant with experience developing pricing, marketing & sales strategies for 15 of top 50 pharma, biotech, med device as well as early-stage biotechs

ID 165517

Brian Jenkins

ID 446536

Julian Deutschle

CFO @recorrido, former CFO @Beertrading. Finance background (M&A - @Bassewitz & Hochberg), BSc Business Administration (WWU Münster).

ID 590138

Jeff Gee

Industrial Designer; worked at Willow Garage, HRI research, UX design, prototype developement.

ID 387139

Julia Szatar

Comms all rounder: Marketing, Biz Dev, PR. International Expansion. Studied @USYD. Worked with SideCar, Uber, Virgin Australia & Australian Government.

ID 266088

Nicole Chen

Currently working at Zappos SF labs. Worked at Tori Richard & Packaging Corporation of America. Strong design background in both product and packaging.

ID 588144

Theresa Tran

Using understanding of human behavior to generate revenue and build consumer loyalty.

ID 795776

Robb Chen-Ware

Startup Product Manger. Loves great design, wants to make a difference.

ID 8167

Naushad Oomer

ID 688415

Justin Ker

Strategic Partnerships and Brand Management Marketing Expert, Consumer Marketing, Digital Media, Business Development and Negotiations

ID 465714

Roberto Fernández Madero

Santa Clara Univeristy grad. Business Manager at @fl3ur. Mexican Entrepreneur.

ID 335057

Michael Belov

Co-founder of GasVisor. First mobile app project out of production plant management.

ID 530250

Patrick Ryan


COO of Second Front Systems. Co-Founder of Praescient Analytics. West Point grad, former Army intel officer. MA in Security Studies from Georgetown.

ID 618428

Aaditya Kakde

CMO at SellMouse. Worked with MTS for 2 years as a sales manager.

ID 388864

Aman Jain

3+ years in Banking/Financial Services, Ran Analytics for strategy projects in Sales, product development and Customer Acquisitions

ID 759667

jim collinsworth

30 years of development and innovation in mobile software, 15 years as musician, lifetime of science studies. Recent iOS/GIS and full stack JavaScript work.

ID 471084

Julius Bachmann

ID 176564

Ruthie BenDor

Worked at @code-for-america-deleted • Studied at @boston-university

ID 105827

Fred Niedrich


ID 75062

Ronald Weintraub


Member of Screening Committee of New York Angels and HBS Angels

ID 203270

Andy Jones

Craft Beer Investor/Afficianado Smart Card Consultant Studied at @university-of-vermont

ID 399027

Ryan P. Flynn

Supply Chain, Business Analysis, eCommerce. Worked at @microsoft, @amazon @rei • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 471691

Andrew Mastropietro


17 Years in Enterprise Software and Information Technology

ID 52829

Jake Klinvex

COO of LoyalTree. Former CEO of @persontation - sold to @emoney-advisor and Guardian insurance in 2009. @villanova-university University.

ID 410148

Bruno Pinheiro de Melo

Founder Freta.lá

ID 7900

Robert Brady


ID 471332

Marta Baranovska

I provide brands with actionable insights that help optimize their advertising, marketing and media strategies. I am naturally curious, have an appetite for challenge, insights, solutions and innovation, and a passion for making brands grow.

ID 466905

Daniel Seidler


Learning and teaching - every day! PT Crossfit Triathlon

ID 143684

Ivo Fokke

Founder SocialReferral

ID 184363

Chris Nyenhuis

Co-Founder of @eyesonfreight . 6 yrs experience in logistics & international business development • Studied at @university-of-missouri Political Science and Business background

ID 104836

Gui Orliac

BD for Tickengo. 15 years experience. Yankee Group, @microsoft, Remarq (Benchmark), Trapezo (Softbank). Experience in Business, Marketing and Finance.

ID 285418

Vlad Christoff

Co-founder & CEO @motobidia, Head of Product & Operations @ngp-van-inc Automotive, eCommerce, SaaS, mobile, big data & CRM.

ID 87281

Ophir Ben-Yitschak

CEO at @scopia-technologies LLC

ID 217999

David Feldsott

Founder @pantrek • Worked at @l-e-k, @wachovia-securities

ID 317274

John Ribbler

Communicator and marketer helping entrepreneurs solve problems. Specialize in holistic approach. Expert in old and new media.

ID 482458

Steve Hurvitz

Experienced professional fundraiser who is great at closing deals and getting results!

ID 638104

Daniel Grieb

Mechanical Design and Analysis Engineer with Experience Delivering Robust Design Solutions to Customers; Product Development Experience; Cal Poly MSME

ID 194433

Kevin Wong


Business Development Professional with experience in sales, marketing, managment with start-up and corporate. PE in tech, mobile, commodity, entertainment, R/E

ID 847840

Robin Rayno

Worked @nike Fashionista. Curator. Designer. Stylist. Blogger. Culture & Music freak. Runner. Loves digital. Amerikaanse-Nederlander. Fueled by experiences.

ID 117723

Kelly McStay

Interested in making everything better.

ID 390258

Antonio Ramírez

Founder Taxible App

ID 657324

Theresa Wetzler

NYC writer, thinker, and doer

ID 415723

Anupama Karwa

Cross-functional team leadership, R&D/Program Management, Med Device Dev. & Launch Keen interest in startups

ID 228105

Roger Kirkpatrick

Strategy & Ops consultant at Deloitte; Background in market entry, business process, IT in the energy, sustainability, and transportation industries.

ID 76013



International Venture Capital Firm

ID 170937

Leon Recanati

Studied at @hebrew-university-of-jerusalem

ID 334063

Azuan Ahmad


B.Eng, MSc, C-Level, Husband, Father, Technologist and History Buff. Able to see around corners when in the right light.

ID 389725

Siddarth Jashnani


India based Entrepreneur. Running Homeland Security System Integration Firm in India. Past experience includes Retail / Ecom. BS CS Texas. Prv - $NATI, Deloitte

ID 418241

Becky Pineo

Communications/support/operations manager, seven years with Zipcar, Ops with Abine.

ID 130009

Michael Miller


ID 483763

Alexander Richards

Candidate for BizDev&Strategy/Ops roles. Strong quant and qualitative background working with C-Suite during company turnaround. Undergrad @colby-college

ID 427325

William Meeker

Problem solver, brand director, strategist, visual communicator, photographer & digital fabricator (in no particular order)

ID 76977

Brad Balzer

Founder HAIL, Sr. Program Manager Motivo Engineering, Founder/ CEO of Glacir, Program Manger CODA Automotive, Project Manager Millenworks

ID 682824

Wes Patterson


I am looking to help with interesting startups. I have about 400k in funds to invest in the right project.

ID 461813

Sjors Provoost

Physicist turned software engineer, looking for a new challenge.

ID 230169



Founder BM and Z • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 247692

Bryan Beam


Founded a freight brokerage, trailer leasing business (401 over the road trailers), property management company handling short-term vacation rentals, safety and compliance audit firm for over the road trucking operations. All companies sold for a profit.

ID 735359

Ines B

Communications Manager at Project Climate; Project Mgmt. in development cooperations (GIZ & action medeor) in Lat.Am. Strong communication skills. Cosmopolitan!

ID 320901

Jessica Tunon

Founder & CEO @NetwalkingLLC, Co-founded Beyond2ndNature, at-large DC Pedestrian Advisory Council, FitFluential Ambassador, 20+ year finance career

ID 616327

Mustafa Aw-Cabdi Cambalaash

Founder Air Somaliand

ID 44680

David Maris


ID 30860

Steve Edwards

12 years as a V.P. and General manager with experience in Aviation parts sales, support & consulting / 16 years electronics instructor for automotive industry.

ID 136114

Scott Johnston

Worked at @self-employed, @amadeus • Studied at @open-university-london

ID 353853

Isaac Meadows

Controls engineer, electric & hybrid vehicles specialty, startup experience.

ID 47742

Otbert de Jong


After a long career in banking and consulting I just made my first few angel investments.

ID 61335

Jeff Heckler

Team member of @cde-1.

ID 507837

Mark Waters

Co-Founder and CEO of @gliide Partner @pataross Expedition member @TheColdestJourney

ID 323698

George Ankomah

Co-Founder of @saddl. Used to study Intl. Business Administration, Strategy & Finance at RSM Erasmus University, Rotterdam

ID 200713

Artem Titov


CEO & Co-Founder @mebelion-ru. Investor @entrobit-agora.

ID 728112

Jasjit Singh Dhanoa

J.D.; Sikh Coalition Advocacy Fellow; Successfully ran a transportation company; Started transportation brokerage.; H.S. teacher; Human/Civil Rights.

ID 592329

Rishikesh Aripineni

Test Lead Worked with Motorola .Experience in working with start ups and setting up QA environment and hands on experience on tools/technologies/process.

ID 693451

Hazem Aln


Partner at Nationwide Group Co-founder and investor at TeamTime

ID 572156

Julian Cook


Interest in travel sector and technology Founder & CEO of Flybaboo 2003-2011 (regional airline Switzerland) MBA Columbia Business School / Bsc. London School of Economics Based in London

ID 569653

Brayden McLean

Engineer and Analyst, with Physics and Mechanical Engineering. Strong quantitative background. Public, private, and non-profit sectors.

ID 120498


Chief Driver & co-founder at taxishare. Walk the talk.

ID 583382

Ruby Montero

Studied at @florida-international-university, HR Business Analyst Consultant at Inter-American Development Bank

ID 559516

Paul Jouguet

PhD in applied physics, software engineer, CEO of a start-up company

ID 497187

Gaven Rolfe

Dynamic & polished leader for one of worlds largest employers looking to drive sales for start up as well as potential investor

ID 656558

Hugh Smith

Product manager working on tools to help people in the financial markets find each other and talk.

ID 54647

Ken Jones

Founder of @dnk-entertainment-services and Business Development Officer with HomeCoast Capital, LLC.

ID 610631

Sami Kohen

Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist from Istanbul, Turkey. @karbosan

ID 810661

Dominique Bookman

Co-Founder, President of @greedi • Innovating the Dining industry • @university of North Texas • Hustle is religion

ID 298152

Jessica Robinson

Strategic thinker. Tactical implementer. Bridge builder. Love using data to understand key financial and business drivers. Passionate about cities and mobility.

ID 222785

Joan Senent


ID 193924

David Krock

Founder @krock-business-development-inc, @sunset-coast-brands-llc

ID 375001

Petr Glotov, FireSitter android app, vehicle routing algorithms, EDA.

ID 783526

Jean Carlos Lopez

Designed and developed Daisita Food Broker's logo.

ID 538427

Giuseppe D'Alberti

I worked for E-holding with the brand with the aim to change mobility within cities.

ID 568270

Kimo Arbas

Founder Pilot Angel • Studied at , @california-institute-of-the-arts, Universitat der Kunste, General Assembly, startup weekend

ID 385393

Michael Davidson

Founder Mil-Be • Worked at @self-employed • Studied at @self-taught

ID 153408

Thomas Wu


CFO of Wellington West Capital and President of Nomura Canada. Extensive executive, compliance and securities regulatory experience.

ID 471803

Mehul Patel

Software Engineer @keychain-logistics

ID 467420

Christo Yotov


Physical Commodity trader with a background in operations and management. Interested in startups, technology and social impact projects.

ID 215725

Jamar Johnson

MBA Candidate @ IE Business School: Award Winner at IE Business School/INSEAD Business Accelerator. Worked at U.S. Senate and CTY Johns Hopkins University.

ID 513476

John Turner

Location based UX specialist. Software development/channel partner/end-user UX liaison. High-value client consultant for NAVTEQ.

ID 375762

Grant Gold


Google/rdio redesigns — Classically trained designer. I believe in beautifully simplistic functionality.

ID 12742

Liam Mackay

ID 211825

Quinn Stepan


ID 170857

Brian Jenkins

Far East Traveler. Tech Tweeter. Snowboarding Enthusiast. Boston Native. #BigDataBrian

ID 532097

Yuanzheng Lee


Angel investor. Exploring options.

ID 206675

Andrew Kowalik

Finance nerd turned hacker. Ruby on Rails / Javascript / Backbone developer.

ID 133893

Peter Bell


ID 668368

Christopher Williams

Founder & CEO @fetch • Worked at @apple • Studied at @university-of-missouri-saint-louis

ID 467152

André Azevedo

Founder HealthyRoad

ID 162046


Founder K-Energy Holdings, Corp. Former CEO Environmental Resource Management, Inc. Entrepreneur, inventor, generalist, and forward thinker: A treki.

ID 548804

Zain Farooq

Purchasing Manager of Dollar Deal LLC. Strong retail and business background. B.S Rutgers Business School 2014.

ID 71055

Ramprasad Narayanan

ID 498833

B. Scott Taylor

Founder Green Endeavor Inc. • Worked at @3m, @mfs-communications

ID 351250

Melody Stone

Creative problem solver, insufferable enthusiast, strategic designer.

ID 675881

Nicholas Christianson

Founder/Owner of Van Maren Concepts. Exceptional in sales, marketing and product development. Passionate about design, entrepreneurship, and the startup world.

ID 503056

Andrew Reedy

Software Engineer, Startup Entrepreneur

ID 332778

Elyse Viotto

Book lover, traveler, and typography / web enthusiast.

ID 259764

Txema Campillo

Science communicator focused on social media. Blogger, community manager, urban biker, learning museology.

ID 427632

Bart McKay


General Counsel, McLane Foodservice, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company.

ID 50402

Su Liu


Certified Public Accountant

ID 284238

Greg Kelly

CEO Stratum. 1st software start up after @trintech Technologies. Experienced software designer, program manager, large scale multi million projects.

ID 577290

Jean-Christophe Denier

French Interaction Designer. Worked at Dassault Systemes, Orange.

ID 26336

Richard Law

Co-founder of Allyis, a Seattle-area consulting firm with annual revenues of 20M.

ID 175615

Graeme Kennelly


Developing learning apps for the iPhone and iPad

ID 168259

boshra kastour

Masters Grad

ID 17884

Ben Hope

Head of Client Service at EF / B2B. (Adoption and Lifecycle guru). Love to scale great human experiences in the online space. Good salesman to boot.

ID 214672

Briant Anthony Campbell

A rare talent with a strong design background and front-end development skills.

ID 379426

Laura Reynolds

Ex-banker, Travel lover, Looking for a new opportunity

ID 402116

Matthew Dyer

Project Manager at Verb DB • Studied at @TaylorU

ID 382658

Monika Krajnc

MSc in Logistics Engineering. Passionate about the future of logistics, transport, mobility and everything with four wheels and an engine. Coffee and wine lover

ID 168170

Anthony Ricci

Analyst at Highbridge Capital Management since June 2010. Completed B.S./B.A. at Bryant University in May 2010.

ID 259646

Carlos Mira

CEO & Founder at TruckPad • Studied at @espm

ID 353512

Bryan Molyneux

Marketing professional, Rutgers graduate, Entrepreneurial min.

ID 328714

Nate Sprecher

Art Director in SF Bay area. NYC transplant. Looking for fun opportunities in tech, fashion, consumer products, startups, etc.

ID 346381

Praveen S

Founder Urbway • Worked at @infosys-technologies, @ust-global

ID 732710

Brett Spry

Founder Made In Heaven Charity • Worked at @brett-spry-limited • Studied at @manchester-metropolitan-university

ID 33237

Maier S

Founder of Transport e-news agency "Transjurnal", independent writer for transport books, former publisher and expert in freight transportation since 1975

ID 543964

Dorothy Lee

International Airline Service Manager at United Airlines and part-time Angel Investor.

ID 496793

burag peksezer

Digital marketing specialist & project manager. Speaks fluently English, French German and Spanish. Worked with Turkish Airlines, FC Barcelona and Bacardi.

ID 129863

Cate Brady


20+ years investment experience; Serial Technology Entrepreneur with track record of success.

ID 327951

Amit Sodani

ID 13422

Erik Steeb

ID 124681

Dave Henderson


Manager - KrazyHouse club Liverpool

ID 397274

Juan Pablo Isaza

Founder @ceo-1, @mi-mapps • Worked at @schlumberger, @universidad-de-los-andes • Studied at @universidad-de-los-andes, Bogota Colombia

ID 138567

Andre Dickson

Founder @mobilitti • Worked at @ttbizlink • Studied at @university-of-the-west-indies. Electrical Engineering, Design and Data Science.

ID 531243

Corey Rust

Founder & CEO of EnviJet, @envi-footwear • Worked at @intel, @horizon-air • Studied at @eastern-oregon-university

ID 402009

Steve Kauffman

Founder @atrivu-inc. Implemented learning platforms for Ernst & Young, Gap Gemini, United Health Group, Cigna, and Canon, Intuit, most recently Smith & Nephew

ID 123176

Tim Abbott


Managing Director at Morgan Stanley

ID 382555

Dwayne Vianney

Software Developer. Entrepreneur

ID 204919

Kane Rogers


ID 438759

Robert Johnson

Founder Loyal Auto Sales

ID 247314

Tomas Cervenka


CTO at VisualDNA and Founder at

ID 494686

Ignazio Ziano

Worked at @university-of-turin-1 • Studied at @university-of-turin, @university-of-jena

ID 202187

Jose Davis

Confident and results driven, extensive knowledge in global logistics and business operations. Passionate drive to excel and excede expectations.

ID 131115

Grant Herbert


Director @juvana. Investor @texxi.

ID 412519

Jim McMichael

CTO & Founder @ATRIVU, Inc Founder -Basex Systems designed software -American Airlines, MCI, Sprint, Chase Bank, Health Systems Design, Kaiser Permanente, TXU

ID 196209

Jules Biloa Ekoulé

Founder Clubissime • Studied at @grenoble-graduate-school-of-business

ID 236963

Jean-Baptiste Rieu

Passionate Developer. In love with Agility, UX, Continuous Integration and Unit Testing.

ID 490874

Sheena Weinberg

Strong strategy & finance background with deep knowledge in eCommerce / tech. Global experience. Deep commitment and ownership.

ID 79606



Worked at @national-instruments • Investor @myedu

ID 124524

Dipl.-Ing. Markus Wöhrenschimmel

CTO, Product Manager bei @fl3xx GmbH

ID 130691

elizabeth crocker


ID 109431

Dale Neuman


ID 122711

Jag Dhillon


Client Architect at Splunk. Senior IBM Consultant. Formerly at Agile Minds 1998 - 2000.

ID 287033

Eugene C

Founder CargoStock. Web developer at Ciklum (Ukraine). And i love electronic music.

ID 108461

Darren Craig


Entrepreneur, Mentor, Advisor, Business Executive and early stage Investor with over 20 years experience in Information Technology.

ID 431730

Jen Riedel

Operations Guru, Designer, Worked for PMG Entertainment

ID 68659

Rajesh Boppana

Founding director of @bookcab-1. Masters from IIT Bombay

ID 109450

Murray Shivak


President of Shivak Enterprises Inc. Partner of Capital Creek Enterprises Inc.

ID 221854

James Calhoun

CEO of FADM, Serial Entrepreneur, Full-Stack WebDev, Teacher. Specialty: UX/UI and Front End Dev.

ID 130921

Shaheen Yusuf


Deutsche Bank

ID 257381

Iñigo Irizar (IESE UNAV ON)


Marido, padre de tres hijos, montañero, viajero y empresario.

ID 311056

David Ikuye

UX Strategist/Consultant and Entrepreneur creating value through Design. Combining strategic and creative skills to design for both user and business needs.

ID 128927

Vasco Leal Figueira

Software developer focused on the Java platform with a solid academic background and a diverse skill set. I like building competent development practices.

ID 197152

Andrew Rockwell

Founder VIP UNLTD • Studied at @youngstown-state-university Vegas nightlife veteran and former management for several premiere nightclub and event companies.

ID 521503

Aly Salim

IT Head at Shiva Carrier, Founder at Bachuoni Software Ltd, Strong IT Background (University of Wolverhampton, Barr Beacon Language College) Phd Computer Science and Gaming University of Wolverhampton

ID 117449

Daniel Tufariello


MD, Radiology Department @naples-community-hospital-healthcare-group. Owner @md-radiological, Owner @adi-radiology-professionals.

ID 694885

Rebecca English

ID 69195

Ralf Knobel


Investor in @immatics-biotechnologies, @biogents-ag, @butch-gmbh, @ontopx-gmbh.

ID 516688

Rahul Raveendranath

Loves startups, technology, coding, movies and music. #Navodayan #CETian

ID 608501

Antoine Auberger

Senior Front-end / Full-stack engineer looking for exciting challenges

ID 175159


Chief Mechanic & co-founder at taxishare. 10+ years java, software architecture and team lead positions.

ID 486012

Christopher Williams

ID 62611

Tom Giacoponello

President, @baby-life-seat, Inc. Startup for patented infant life saving device. U. of Pa MS Org Devel, Fordham BA. Exec Rec (29 yrs) for Marketing Executives

ID 500363

Devis Mejia

Customer satisfaction-focused pro who can turn any frown upside down. Bilingual, detail-oriented, and hungry for hands on experience.

ID 855428

Tommaso Gecchelin

Designer, Physicist and Artist. Industrial and Innovation Designer for worldwide companies: MM Design, VdB Innovation Design and freelance for many others.

ID 348570

Timothy Moore

Web services manager at Bay Area Rapid Transit; Pioneered open data & open APIs in gov't; Strong background using technology in public/private partnerships

ID 505424

John K. Mbindyo

Founder Co-Founder @MealsKe, I'm a Bsc. in Information Technology graduate with a combined 9 years of work experience.

ID 237947


Founder Road Garage • Worked at @spykercars-n-v, @avantha-power-infrastructure-ltd • Studied at @jmit-haryana

ID 183513


Founder Kadilex Construction • Studied at @langston-university

ID 811967

Steven R. Carini


Steven R. Carini grew up in Canarsie Brooklyn and helps Business obtain Working Capital & Short-Term Capital.

ID 609977

Jacques CERON


eBook Hi president (Digital medias...), General manager of INEO GDF SUEZ (15 000 pers, Energy, transportation...). Paris - France

ID 104012

Darren Olafson

Owner of @olafson-agrarian-enterprises & VP of @deceleration-technologies, LLC

ID 829876

Will Morgan

Full stack, experienced, safe pair of hands. Ex agency senior developer, looking for products to work on that'll change the world.

ID 651912

Christopher Tolbert

A passionate and highly motivated individual, with proven leadership and organizational skills demonstrated in ongoing work and extracurricular commitments.

ID 412408

Dean Porter

EVP Bus. Dev. & Mktg @atrivu-inc, Founded Fast Access America, Inc - High-end video surveilance technology and Diversified Bottling, Inc bottled water mfg

ID 84650

Kasarla Nagarjuna

ID 136914

Jon Schull


ID 148984


Your Online Salvage Yard

ID 791686

Lisa Nguyen

Getting started. Join me!

ID 643009

Vitor Mendes


management consulting. cto/ceo advisory for online entertainment / gambling. portfolio managment

ID 865536

chris mullane

ID 812958

Ann Leng


background in shipping, logistics and warehousing. looking for companies with potential for growth

ID 683785

Erkkilä Kimmo

Linkker CEO

ID 763968

Ling Cheung Hughes


Ling is a patent attorney with 6+ years of prosecution and counseling experience. She has a PhD in computer science and was a postdoc researcher at MIT CSAIL.

ID 825141

Shangying Wang


Working for Siemens TTB (Technologies-to-business) department. Looking for high-tech start-ups.

ID 690504

Hugo Guimarães

ID 724276

Eileen Fracchia


Current: Founder & Managing Principal - The El Camino Group Former: Senior Vice President - Wells Fargo Bank

ID 705626

Buhle Zulu

KZN Growth Fund provides senior and mezzanine loans to projects located in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa and that require between ZAR30m-ZAR100m.

ID 649468

maria vitoria

ID 826264

Jonathan Sanchez

I am in the business in saving millions of lives from drinking and driving accidents. The name of my business is call D.W.I Driving With Intelligence

ID 809336

Ivan Aguilera


Concert Promoter, Artist management in North and South America.

ID 802750

Harry Ward

Product Manager, Developer, Hackathon Enthusiast.

ID 736957

john Pitts

ID 774272

Samuel Krassenstein

I'm Sam

ID 861201

Adam O'Brien


Small business entrepreneur supporting big ideas that create value for individuals, businesses, communities, and the world as a whole.

ID 677427

Ammar Kassim


NYU Post-Grad/Tech-lead

ID 801190

Nick Savanna


I will try to syndicate all deals

ID 841726

Jonathan Jelliff


ID 591745

Eric Fuller


COO at US Xpress

ID 580754

Vim Tseng

ID 600626

Michele Orzan


Former military commander, CEO, entrepreneur and now NGO leader, mentor and prospective angel investor. Sold his company to Coca-Cola and founded

ID 537899

Andi Basha

ID 538360

Stone Gao

Exploring how things work is fun!

ID 500917


Founder of Hermes Aerospace Ltd. CEO of TechnoMek Engineering, strong business background, actually studing for master degree.

ID 536095

Alk Zerihun


Founder mobile technology

ID 508663

Marc-Antoine Gagnon

ID 613280

Malgorzata Utmanczyk

ID 517300

Pyro Serrano

Founder of PyroZ Community Services.A young Entrepreneur and Idealist.Creating new ways to help others.

ID 514206

Matthew Gleitsman


Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, and Vice President at Exron Capital, Inc.

ID 465950

Ondrej Kroupa

Mobile App Developer at, Senior Android Developer at Liftago, Founder of, worked as Chief Android Developer at eMan, mobile apps agency

ID 505614

Michael Carlson


Mike is a Managing Director and Head of Public Finance Transportation within the Corporate Investment Bank at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

ID 635466

Marshall Gonzales

ID 489927

Erskine Mayo Ross


I am a District Attorney in the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Alabama. I am based out of Montgomery Alabama. My family has a long history in the transportation community, with several long-standing abd successful businesses.

ID 597378

Jeroen Gehlen

ID 630041


Онлайн B2B сообщество для развития деловых коммуникаций и продвижения компаний из сфер строительство, промышленность, транспорт, энергетика, нефть и газ.

ID 506501

Deepak Kumar

Assistant Manager at - an online photography start-up in Bangalore. Worked as Sr. Executive trainer at Hinduja Global Solutions.

ID 633191

Kyle Kissane

ID 509516

Ira F. Cummings

Passionate and Driven UI/UX Senior Designer Looking for Big Creative Challenges.

ID 449712

Khaled AL-Mughrabi


Im an Investor living in Saudi Arabia.

ID 395295

Ben Florsheim


Outreach for Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.). New investor, here to learn. Studied @wesleyan-university

ID 460429

Louis Bô


HEC Paris - Entrepreneurship alumn . VC Analyst at Ecomobilité Ventures (Total, SNCF, Orange - VC firm dedicated to smart mobility)

ID 357947

Guy Woodhatch

ID 386963

Mustafa Shabbir


ID 462669

Jacob Ma-Weaver


Primarily invest in public equities, worked at McKinsey, Dodge & Cox, and Porter Orlin before founding Cable Car Capital LLC

ID 461024

Tiarra Brooks


A freelance management consultant company - The Joint Venture Group Partner

ID 461908

Greatlawrence Ukonu

ID 410480

Alexander van der Have


DOEN invests in innovative early stage companies with potential for environmental, social and/or cultural impact.

ID 429817

Evan Pohaski


Institutional investment manager. BS Cornell University. MBA University of California Irvine.

ID 414739

Richard Stinchcombe


co-founder of (sold 2010), owner of Interested in logistics, relocation services, transportation, ship owning, etc, etc!

ID 453626

Raphael Diotti


Study Economics, Hugh knowledge of the swiss marked, worked for different banks, founding own company, co-autor of and many more

ID 465388

Pete Danielsen

With more than two decades as a results-driven executive in the television industry, Pete Danielsen is passionate about TV as a story-telling medium,

ID 409415

Chris Foxx


The Consigliere

ID 454724

Alessio Nanni

ID 414740

Karl Petty


Founded transportation analytics firm (BTS), sold to Iteris. PhD in EECS from UC Berkeley.

ID 328807

Michael Hosokawa


Now MD of GE's Hong Kong private equity team with Pan-Asia investment experience. Was VC lawyer in Silicon Valley and Hong Kong. Investor/advisor on 80+ deals.

ID 399187

N. Kweku Nduom


10 yrs experience from multiple perspectives (underwriter/investor/"investee"), deals from $0.1MM - $100MM+ Princeton ('00), Wharton ('06), GWU PhD (~'14/15)

ID 361218

Jaime Rodriguez

Telecommunications Engineer with entrepreneurial drive, experienced in team leadership and with a solid understanding of web and mobile technologies.

ID 387550


Nolan's Auto (Startup) Used Automotive Dealership 7yrs Automotive Exp 1 Degree Automotive Field 11pg Business Plan 2yrs Projected Revenue

ID 284885

Petr Nosov


Energy company CEO

ID 284178

Harrington Cassidy


In Dog We Trust

ID 269144

Jorge Newbery


Founder & CEO, American Homeowner Preservation, which purchases pools of distressed mortgages from banks and offers homeowners long-term solutions, while delivering attractive returns to investors

ID 273160

David Haley


Founded Spectra, Inc with $25m monthly sales oversight

ID 267705

Hrushit Dave


Mechanical Engineering from UMich. Family business comprising of Group of Automotive Companies.

ID 275799

Glen Ames


Independent Investor

ID 284682

Chiaw Tzee Tan


I am looking to invest in start-ups in any industry, and would prefer to establish a long term relationship with the business and founders.

ID 324365

Ilya Kapustin

ID 302635

Mohammad Ishtiaq

Founded a UK Based Transport Company, then a Property Management Company with multi-million pound portfolio.

ID 258071

Ben Richardson


Designed many products for world famous brands, Founded, Now designing and delivering world class products to 30 countries in under two years.

ID 285815

Daniël Markus


Founder of clickvalue, a leading Dutch online marketing agency

ID 310234

James Graves

MBA student in Brazil, worked in commercial property markets in Australia in general management and leasing.

ID 272564

David Moyal


versatile investor in all business areas for 40 years , interested in technology, aviation, manufacturing and mainly invest in the people behind the idea. visit my linkedin page to get a better idea as to my line of business.

ID 314196

Reginald Benson II

Founder @shuttle2vegas & GroupDriver™ Mobile app

ID 262338

Jeremy Hellman


Wide ranging financial services experience creates a deep pool of connections along with thorough understanding of capital markets.

ID 261625

John McCarthy


Mexican with an Irish name. Investor, tea drinker.

ID 249855

Joseph Lapan


Economic Development and Real Estate professional

ID 266843

Karaoketaxicab SouthBay

Founder Karaoke Cab SouthBay

ID 263426

Dave Cohen


Realtor in San Francisco

ID 270507

Ben Garmaise


Angel investor specializing in early-stage scalable technology and consumer product startups.

ID 220010

Thomas Miezejeski


VP Rearerch @the-pelorus-group, Partner @regergia, Consultant @infreeda.

ID 217814

Hans Brocker


ID 181808

Marc Noët


ID 203011



ID 224368

Mark Linford


ID 215478

Hayato Sudo


ID 192521

"Black Swan"

"Black Swan", founder of the "White Elephant"

ID 183835



ID 217067

Mark Marinos


ID 197237

Dawn Noble


VP - CFO @a-wizzard-group, SVP Chief Audit Executive @green-dot-corporation-1, Executive Consultant @fourthought-group, Vice President @american-express.

ID 228279

Raees Muqthar


Founder and CEO at iNFuT™- Institute for Future Technology & Social Entrepreneur, Researcher, Creative Thinker and Technocrat.

ID 208047

Todd Van Doren

CPA and IT Auditor transforming into a Rails developer; CISA coming soon

ID 219353

Madhu Konety


ID 229621

Scott Murray


ID 225563

Jan Peter Legtenberg


formulemanager @louwman-retail.

ID 230195

William McCarthy


ID 217360

Kyriakos Bassinas


Information Systems Administrator @the-olayan-group.

ID 230076

John Powers


ID 227023

Carlos González


Worked at @cragsa.

ID 217696

Tim Smith


ID 102414

Dun Meng

ID 165743

Priscilla Burbank


ID 160435

George Ko


ID 65181

Richard Bundock MBCS


Managing Technical Director

ID 170922

Othman Chohdi

Co-founder of LoveMyPins

ID 180846

Robert Abrahamson


ID 71443



✈ ✈ ✈ Expat Expert, Technology Consultant, MENSA Member, Pro Screenwriter, Serious Travel Junkie! ✉ [email protected] ☯ ✈ ⌚ ⌛ ✌ ☼ ᵀᴴᴱ'ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ

ID 66350

Joe Norris Jr

Owner, @norris-freight-lines,Inc., WHO'S WHO Historical Society.Certificate of Accomplishment, in the 2001 edition of International WHO'S WHO of Enterpreneurs.

ID 62083

Francois Royer

Research engineer in the space industry - Geolocation algorithms - Time series analysis - Data mining - PhD in marine biology - Pythonista - Hadoop dev.

ID 65273

Randy Miller

ID 173186

Davis Raynes Capital


ID 184300

Stas Svishov

Over 15 years of Web Development experience. Strong analytic and problem solving skills. Love learning new technologies.

ID 182161

Bhanu Gottipati


Founder @renttit. Applications Engineer @avanti, Strategic Accounts Technical Account Manager @mentor-graphics, Sr. Applications Consultant @synopsys.

ID 97670

bg removals

@bg-removals is a friendly Removals Company based in #Nottingham. Bg #Removals specialises in Home and Office Removals and Relocation throughout Nottinghamshire.

ID 123005

Denis van de Voorde

Consultant at A.T. Kearney

ID 147567

Danny Smallwood

ID 89156

Ares Sherbaz

ID 81500

Mike Kramlich

Created software. Bootup startups. Designed games. Senior Engineer at Orbitz. Entrepreneur. Creative writer. Contract development. Made

ID 187376

Brian Probolsky


I am a Jersey transplant, husband, father, investor, serial entrepreneur & elected official who loves bleeding edge tech, studies the markets & cooks to relax.

ID 120099

Samuel Cavanagh


Founded @www-vehiclechecks-co-nz.

ID 98238

Elan Dekel


Helping out at @Urbancompass Founder of Xoogler.

ID 32950

Petur Albert Haraldsson

Founder of @financial-services boutique, companies in Telematics, SmartCard applications, Fashion, @event-productions in Sweden, Luxembourg and Iceland.

ID 6729

Ted Kraus


Investor in @net-power-technology, @carbonaut, @smart-park.

ID 49119

Bryce Benton

Modeling Transcendent Wisdom

ID 34619

James Slater

President and owner of @mci-global-sourcing-solutions, 15 years working in automotive as Director of Supplier Quality and Purchasing Manager.

ID 52440

Robert Gurley

Owner: American Academic Services. Military Logistics Experience, worked with medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, political campaigns.

ID 46470

Richard S. Russ III

Owner at @arp-moving. Strong business plan and goals.

ID 33876

Angelo Bernard

CEO of financial consulting firm based in Boston; former senior executive in financial services sector; entrepreneur.

ID 14891

Robert Waugh

ID 890277

Daniel Fontanella


Mobile, apps, phones, technology, cars 

ID 31102

Guy Edelist

Team member of @arain, @deaway-inc, @shopping-site.

ID 59560

Nitro Turbodyne

Team member of @nitro-turbodyne.

ID 16322

Blake Kalana

Founder & CEO of GloStep, Inc. Inventor and patent holder. Personally conducted all R&D. Created several working prototypes surrounding the GloStep patent.

ID 43819

Andrew Hurst

ID 34872

Bruce A. Kaufman

I am an investment banker and financial consultant. My past experience includes work at Coopers & Lybrand, Rothschild Venture Capital and Lehman Brothers

ID 35002

Alexander Kukudzhanov

Operations Manager in WW companies of $150+ turnover, Sales Ops or Business development organization, financing, structured projects

ID 60373

Wei Xu


ID 21185

Matt Schwartz


Matt Schwartz - Assoc Director - Verizon Ventures

ID 51874

Navjeet Singh

Co founded LimoCrunch, Inc. Full time developer, part time entrepreneur. Worked at SugarCRM. Currently working as a developer at SuccessFactors.

ID 117629

John Crandon


Outside General Counsel for Private Equity, Tech, Media, and Life Sciences Companies

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