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ID 616327

Mustafa Aw-Cabdi Cambalaash

Founder Air Somaliand

ID 384232

Chris Upjohn


Entrepreneur and investor

ID 53409

Ali Vahabzadeh


Founder/CEO @chariot. Fmr President @neighborcity. Finance exec @BofA. Builder of great teams and proven executor. @Vanderbilt. Unapologetic Long Islander.

ID 131467

Patrick Luciano Wegener

Co-Founder and CEO @easydeliver • Former founder @bidshop • Advisor @carimbada

ID 630420

Daniel Pepper

ID 320901

Jessica Tunon

Founder & CEO @NetwalkingLLC, Co-founded Beyond2ndNature, at-large DC Pedestrian Advisory Council, FitFluential Ambassador, 20+ year finance career

ID 285418

Vlad Christoff

Co-founder & CEO @motobidia, Head of Product & Operations @ngp-van-inc Automotive, eCommerce, SaaS, mobile, big data & CRM.

ID 237813

Tom Lokenvitz

Founder smove - on-demand mobility • Studied at @insead-1

ID 134193

Manoj Kumar


Founder @zcabs • Worked at @arthur-d-little-inc • Studied at @hult-international-business-school

ID 56622

Marc Aafjes


Supporting @the-ant-works , @opnt and founder/CEO of a new venture. Formerly @vodafone @gemini-consulting + others @stanford GSB @vrije-universiteit-amsterdam

ID 385215

William Harris

Founder Driveless • Worked at @spiceworks • Interned at @yahoo • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 109776

Nicholas Horsthuis


Founder @islestartup, @argadnel-ventures • Studied at @king-s-college @london From @Isle of Man

ID 322590

Mikhail Blank

CEO of Plug & Play Dagestan. Creating world-class business-incubator in the turbulent region.

ID 602666

Antoine Richards

Founder and Managing Director @starlantic-holdings-ltd. Member of the Institute of Directors (Bermuda branch). Ex-professional motorcycle racer.

ID 110605

Jason Hirsch


JJS Associates, Managing Partner. Trideer, Managing Member. Marco Polo Pure China Fund, Partner, Director.

ID 690504

Hugo Guimarães

ID 11725

Matt Mastracci


@stumbleupon exit -> @ebay. Angel, founder, web technology. @linkedin: Portfolio:

ID 74353

Ryan MacCarrigan

Founder & Chief Experimenter at LeanStudio. Former VP Marketing & Biz Dev at Lean Startup Machine.

ID 477674

Christopher Snyder

Founder @GoRedBUS • Worked at compass-airlines as System Operations Control Shift Manager with strong background in complex operations management.

ID 314196

Reginald Benson II

Founder @shuttle2vegas & GroupDriver™ Mobile app

ID 466776

Paul Elberse


Pls refer to LinkedIn profile or bio at

ID 652695

Hassan Qureshi


Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Founder of @carimson-commerce @founder-institute, Pakistan, worked at @Tranzum, @tcs Express & Logistics & @tcs Financial

ID 668368

Christopher Williams

Founder & CEO @fetch • Worked at @apple • Studied at @university-of-missouri-saint-louis

ID 37011

Stephen G. Barr


Mentor, Adviser, Strategist, Board Member, Advocate. Founder @startup-hive , CoFounder @crowdpad , CEO @sgb-media-group , Mentor @geteverwise

ID 144396

Wally King


Director of Sales and Marketing @ascenergy • Co-Founder @health-hero • Worked @zipcar, @hertz-rent-a-car • Studied @university-of-california-santa-cruz

ID 367523

Nadia Yun

Brand Marketing @google. 8+ years CPG Intl @starbucks-coffee-company Founding Team, Growth Hacker @tatcha-llc . Founder @airbrush-genie @Geminievents

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