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ID 118679

Chris Hoyt


Tech CFO and founder @ APX Labs @ RideScout, and BTS. Active Board member @ An Estuary and @digital Harbor Foundation.

ID 58970

Josh Mohrer


GM @ Uber NYC. Previously Lot18, Covestor, and CollegeHumor/BustedTees.

ID 84496

Jason Shellen


Advising @boxer. Previously Founder/CEO @thing-labs @brizzly sold to @aol & ran AIM. Early at Pyra Labs/Blogger sold to @google & founded Google Reader.

ID 159669

Chris Theodoros


Founder Enteka Ventures • Worked at @google, @doubleclick Connector. Creator. Entrepreneur. Investor.

ID 81045

Can Serter


Superangel, Hardcore Geek, Technology Connoisseur.. Chef, Fisherman, Film and TV Fanatic, Photographer. @duke grad, turn of the century.

ID 11725

Matt Mastracci


@stumbleupon exit -> @ebay. Angel, founder, web technology. @linkedin: Portfolio:

ID 68774

Eric Kroll


Entrepreneur, problem solver, & investor. Explorer, experience & sports enthusiast.

ID 151285

Andrew Vilcsak


Mobile Engineering Lead and 4th engineering hire at Airbnb. Dropped out of university in 2010 and bought a one-way ticket to SFO, haven't looked back!

ID 126662

Barney Schauble


Managing Partner at Nephila since 2004, on board of Advisen, past investor / board member at The Climate Corporation and MetroMile, 20+ years in risk markets

ID 39472

YuChiang Cheng


Internet Entrepreneur

ID 5517

Philipp Moehring


Europe @angellist. Previously Principal @seedcamp. Startup's little helper in Europe. Connecting Berlin, London, and San Francisco.

ID 106994

Ash Fontana


Make fundraising happen here on @angellist! Co-founder of @topguest (exited Dec 2011) & more. Startup utility player: BD, JD, VC & PM.

ID 31179

Semyon Dukach


Managing Director, Techstars in Boston. Angel. Father. Founder of the Troublemaker Award. Chairman of NASDAQ:SMTP. @semyondukach

ID 77377

Peter Barth


entrepreneur, investor, and managing director of @the-iron-yard

ID 58407

Michael Staton


Partner at Learn Capital. Founder of Uversity. Advisor to Dev Bootcamp, Gap Year

ID 88806

Ron Schmelzer


CEO at @bizelo, Founder of @zapthink (acquired), Founder of @channelwave (acquired), @techstars mentor & angel investor

ID 214198

Darcy Wedd


Founder @payvia, • Investor @m-qube, @uxpin, @wanderu, @filmbreak, @dealflicks, @mogreet, @able, @changecoin, @koinify, @contactually

ID 45855

Maria Thomas


Worked at @amazon, @etsy • Investor @twice, @sidetour

ID 57557

Tom Andrus


Board of Directors at @rhapsody International

ID 758017

Jason Wong


Platform 88 Co-Founder, whose mission is to help startups succeed using our network of manufacturers and retailers to quickly bring products to the marketplace

ID 49087

Spiros Xanthos


Director of R&D at @vmware leading data analytics efforts. CEO & Co-founder @pattern-insight (acquired by @vmware in 7/2012). Was CS PhD at UIUC

ID 466776

Paul Elberse


Pls refer to LinkedIn profile or bio at

ID 6076

Ben Carlos Thypin


Worked at @real-capital-analytics, @toll-brothers • Investor @genius, @compstak • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 49131

Andreas Constantinou

Founder, VisionMobile. Adjunct Professor, @lund-university University. Dad.

ID 108619

Daniel Goldman



ID 259299

Yoni Ben-Meshulam


Software Engineer at Nest. Early Engineer and Data Scientist at Opower. UT Austin Mathematics & Engineering. Passionate about social good.

ID 255700

Ed Forman


Veteran early stage startup executive. Stanford MBA. Advisor to several startups in digital media and electric vehicles.

ID 133583

Matthew Le Merle


Managing Partner of Fifth Era ( and Keiretsu Capital (

ID 80341

Bess Ho


Founding Partner at Archimedes Labs Instructor in Mobile Programming

ID 250061

Mike Deerkoski


CTO/VP Eng @ EAT Club, former head of engineering of Flickr

ID 44259

Iain Grae


ID 103964

Karl Ulrich


Vice Dean Innovation, Wharton School. Cofounder Terrapass, Xootr. Investor Gridium, Stringr, Skillbridge, Bandar Foods, Dowza; ScD Mechanical Engineering, MIT.

ID 263631

James Fairclough


Angel Investor in disruptive consumer focused businesses

ID 84615

John Ramey


Founder CEO of @isocket (acq by $RUBI '14). Raised $17M. Awarded one of top US entrepreneurs under 30. 3x successful founder. Worldwide startup mentor / speaker

ID 4618

Tom Chi


UX, Strategy and Product Advisor

ID 37011

Stephen G. Barr


Mentor, Adviser, Strategist, Board Member, Advocate. Founder @startup-hive , CoFounder @crowdpad , CEO @sgb-media-group , Mentor @geteverwise

ID 49458

Russ Wallace


Managing Director, SF at Prolific Interactive. Previously founded @civicsponsor and @trendero.

ID 137316

George Thiruvathukal


Software Engineer and Economist with experience in technology/product/cost/business-process management and other areas that seemed interesting at the time.

ID 399756

Christian Noske

BMW i Venturers. Adviser. Investor. Worked at KKLD (acquired by WPP) and Bosch.

ID 80722

Geoffrey LeMond


Designer. Listener. Founder. Dreamer.

ID 203477

Brad Carpenter


Worked at @microsoft • Investor @seattle-angel-conference • Studied at @pacific-university

ID 199436

Eli Foner



ID 146541

Sieuwert van Otterloo


Software enthusiast with a lot of business and strategy experience. Active as investor, advisor and entrepreneur

ID 144396

Wally King


Director of Sales and Marketing @ascenergy • Co-Founder @health-hero • Worked @zipcar, @hertz-rent-a-car • Studied @university-of-california-santa-cruz

ID 602627

Grant Furlane

Founder @locomobi, @anai-global-media, experienced start up specialist and mentor

ID 109130

Sarah Kennedy Ellis (@saykay)

VP, Product Marketing & Strategy. Former Head of R&D, Sabre Labs + Sabre Ventures.

ID 227975

Ahmad Butt


Strong PE / turnaround background (Morgan Stanley, Centurion Capital, Investor in EM / Russia since early 90's). Studied at @oxford-university and @CMU. Angel investor, advisor to start-ups.

ID 134041

Ryan Jones


Design & Ops. Data nut. Startup consultant. @duke-university

ID 307076

Maxwell Wessel


VP of Innovation Strategy at SAP. Active angel investor. Member of Clay Christensen's think tank and the WEF Global Agenda Council. Writer for the HBR.

ID 268458

Heather R Morgan

Economist, Writer & Globetrotter. Cold emails are my superpower. @500startups

ID 77031

Felix Menard

Product guy. Founded @weroll @exitlist. Well-travelled, designed-focussed, art-lover, dedicated coder, bicycle rider.

ID 99614

Alan Schoenbaum


Sr. Vice President & General Counsel at @rackspace Hosting

ID 367523

Nadia Yun

Brand Marketing @google. 8+ years CPG Intl @starbucks-coffee-company Founding Team, Growth Hacker @tatcha-llc . Founder @airbrush-genie @Geminievents

ID 652695

Hassan Qureshi


Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Founder of @carimson-commerce @founder-institute, Pakistan, worked at @Tranzum, @tcs Express & Logistics & @tcs Financial

ID 334063

Azuan Ahmad


B.Eng, MSc, C-Level, Husband, Father, Technologist and History Buff. Able to see around corners when in the right light.

ID 581712

Aaron Terwey

startup attorney; ambassador @the-dallas-entrepreneur-center

ID 389064

Kellen Voyer

Startup lawyer at Voyer Law Corporation, a cross-border law firm practicing California and British Columbia corporate and technology law.

ID 225411

Chad Person

Enterprise / Consumer. Starting/Scaling. Strategy/BusDev, Business Models/GTM/RTM. Advisor, operator, leadership, investor. Director @ca-technologies

ID 322590

Mikhail Blank

CEO of Plug & Play Dagestan. Creating world-class business-incubator in the turbulent region.

ID 348570

Timothy Moore

Web services manager at Bay Area Rapid Transit; Pioneered open data & open APIs in gov't; Strong background using technology in public/private partnerships

ID 93187

Dan Tamkin


Former VC associate. Founder / CEO of Unified Dispatch which we sold to Veolia Transdev in 2011; now represent Veolia Transdev for prospective investments and partnerships; I am most interested in transportation start-ups.

ID 461286

Kamila Kotlewska

International Business Launcher @ Expeditors; Strategic Business Development.

ID 206422

Justin Benjamin


Financial Mentor and Private Investor. Looking to meet interesting people with great ideas.

ID 91269

Stelios Sbyrakis


ID 84685

Douglas Fleming

Technology sales specialist, company and product collaborator, commercial relationship builder and expert in security market requirements.

ID 442587

Cate Hull

Founder @freightexchange • Started life as a data geek. Strong background in business @ernst-and-young, @citibank @commbank. BA.MBA

ID 16894

Christopher Rae


Senior Director of Global Operations @verimatrix-inc Enthusiast for tech startups, food, wine, rum, chess, hockey and frequent last-minute international travel.

ID 811967

Steven R. Carini


Steven R. Carini grew up in Canarsie Brooklyn and helps Business obtain Working Capital & Short-Term Capital.

ID 276232

Henning von Kalm


Seasoned finance professional with appetite for 3 - 4 early stage, non-tech start-ups; strong preference for ventures catering to "traditional" industries

ID 131467

Patrick Luciano Wegener

Co-Founder and CEO @easydeliver • Former founder @bidshop • Advisor @carimbada

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