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ID 52044

Stonly Baptiste


Co-Founder @urban-us Helping startups help cities;Past : EVP @independenceit , Co-Founder, Co-Founder, Founder

ID 481322

Tyler Duni

Co-Founder Automa Systems • Worked @location-labs, @bigfix, @ibm • Comp Sci. @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 11725

Matt Mastracci


@stumbleupon exit -> @ebay. Angel, founder, web technology. @linkedin: Portfolio:

ID 3003

Marc Held

CEO of @weft; Co-founded @zazu (a @masschallenge finalist and PepsiCo10 winner); Dir. Mobile @boxfish; National Cyber Defense Champion; Six Sigma Yellow Belt

ID 55161

Siddharth Doshi

Engineer at @homejoy. Previously, CTO at @viacycle (YC S12). Mechanical Engineer from @georgia-institute-of-technology.

ID 244016

Satyam Patel


Practicing orthopedic hand surgeon. Investor in several small companies.

ID 41507

Shiva Shivakumar


CEO/Founder of Urban Engines. Previously, Google VP Engineering & Distinguished Entrepreneur. PhD CS, @stanford-university. Founder Gigabeat (acq. Napster)

ID 75428


Co-founder @tripthirsty @ideophone. Redefining journeys. Information-retrieval expert. Conceived & built @yahoo Indichat, 5 million users. M.Tech IIIT-B

ID 54072

Robert Shedd

Co-founder & CTO at Zoomer

ID 1510

Walter Lee


Product at @leanplum. Former @google product manager and software engineer. @princeton-university BSE computer science.

ID 343461

Oliver Nicholas


Engineering product and team builder trained @Ooga Labs, honed @yelp, managing Infrastructure @uber

ID 175515

Todd C. Stellanova


Experienced mobile and drone software developer.

ID 152992

Brittany Martin

Rails Support Engineer @ninefold • Previously PM @snapretail and PMM @readyforce • Marketing @pitt, @trybloc Rails apprenticeship

ID 186457

Brian Mayer

Self-taught full stack dev w/ experience leading domestic & international eng. teams. PM @styleseat. Founder @techweek & PM @ustream. BA @university-of-chicago.

ID 159989

Josh Free


Dev Lead on the .NET Core Framework team at Microsoft.

ID 250061

Mike Deerkoski


CTO/VP Eng @ EAT Club, former head of engineering of Flickr

ID 237466

Brant Hanna


Technology and real estate focused investor. Personal back ground = strong start-up experience especially with professional services / enterprise focus. Presently a Senior Technical Architect with

ID 56476

Kyle Azevedo

CEO of @viacycle. Sustainable transportation specialist @ford-motor-company. Can leap tall LEED buildings in a single bound. MSME from @georgia-institute-of-technology.

ID 345294

Peter Edge

Senior Infrastructure Eng at @codeship, former Lead Backend Eng at @locality-1, former Software Eng at @google and Two Sigma, CS at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 254292

Andrew Lin

Software Engineer @view-the-space • Technical Co-founder @farmplicity (exited) • Triple Major at @washington-university-in-saint-louis

ID 304875

Matthew Graziano

Founder of Trilo Labs, a consultancy helping early stage companies build their businesses and the web and mobile products behind them.

ID 37011

Stephen G. Barr


Mentor, Adviser, Strategist, Board Member, Advocate. Founder @startup-hive , CoFounder @crowdpad , CEO @sgb-media-group , Mentor @geteverwise

ID 86657

Tim Fernando

Creator of @esplorio previously creator/manager of products at Oxford University. Big on travel, full stack developer.

ID 65813

Dave Hepworth

Founder @adbiddr, @arrive-by • Worked at @motorola, @bae-systems • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @university-of-south-australia. Experienced CTO/CEO.

ID 371728

Derek Kastner

Jack of all web trades, I can dive into many projects and problems and quickly start contributing.

ID 98882

Ajith Kumar Padmanabhan

Founder/CEO of @chakkr -> the smart way to ship goods; 2nd start-up after over a decade of (Technical) corporate consulting; MBA (for namesake), Tech (passion)

ID 183581

Babu Dahal


Founder Sancy Capital • Investor @crowdcube • Studied at @cambridge-college

ID 99018

Bryan Farris

Founder @domoar • Loves coding, business strategy, ice hockey & travel • Prev: @transithero @bain-company (SF) @acumen-fund (Pakistan) • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 85153

Vasily Myazin

User Experience Professional, UI Designer and Interaction Engineer

ID 217475

Adam Eagle

CS Student and Entrepreneur at MIT; Developer, Designer & Thinker; Intern at Dispatch

ID 258891

Samuel Barbosa

Co-founder @easydeliver • Worked at @dujour

ID 10503

Max Terry

Full-stack software engineer • Hypermedia interface designer

ID 381625

Randall Hunt

did some stuff

ID 77031

Felix Menard

Product guy. Founded @weroll @exitlist. Well-travelled, designed-focussed, art-lover, dedicated coder, bicycle rider.

ID 78635

Sandeep Bhaskar

Co-founder @tripthirsty @ideophone 'Redefining Travel | Journeys' Helped building @suruk, @onetouchsos, @pyka, @kopa_app, @tripthirsty

ID 4533

Ross Lin

Founder of @jayride, @projectx-technology.

ID 19340

Dwight Gunning

Tech Adventurer. Advisor at @sntmnt. Founder & CEO @revirda. Global Facilitator @startupweekend.

ID 22608

Xavi Caballé

Founder @anti-bleh. Solo built superdistribution service. Led acct aggregator sold to multiple banks @isoco. Engineer #2 at pioneer ISP in Spain (sold to telco)

ID 263965

Adam Bernstein

Stanford EE, early hire at Better Place, international startup experience, iOS mobile design and development

ID 71472

Allyn Alford

Founding partner at @drivsocial, Inc. Co-Founder at @whatupbridge. SDE, Brightstar Corp. (System Integration's Architect.)

ID 385215

William Harris

Founder Driveless • Worked at @spiceworks • Interned at @yahoo • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 58037

Cesar Schneider

Founder & CEO @eworks-labs

ID 38519

Erik Larson

MIT CS, ex-Wall Street quant, data visualization, user experience-oriented product manager

ID 630336

Rohan Sarith P

Worked at @lek-consulting, @hack-reactor • Studied at @university-of-cambridge, @university-of-sydney

ID 675789

Brian Morrison


WPI MSEE, successful founder/ entrepreneur, Chief Technical Officer, inventor, executive, large company experience with Raytheon, Beech, Parker; FAA experience

ID 253927

Jorge Briones

Founder Nexus Rx, @grub-scan • Worked at @kaiser-permanente, @cvs-caremark • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara, @university-of-california-san-francisco

ID 319331

Greg Barlow

Surtrac intelligent traffic signals. Ph.D. in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon.

ID 22791

Paal Kristian Levang


CEO @synaptic-technologies-as. MSc in Distributed Information System and Computing. 20 years telecom experience 100+ IT deliverables.

ID 223813


Turtles all the way down.

ID 438424

John Osumi

Co-Founder, CEO @bishop-peak-technology • Worked at @qualcomm • Studied Computer Engineering at @california-polytechnic-state-university-san-luis-obispo

ID 235775

Kevin Aleman


Founder, CEO @luxstack makers of Razrbit; sold 1st startup to @monster; platform & app lead for Softbank, @yahoo-japan, @fujitsu; enterprise R&D for @adidas

ID 8219

Tim Tuxworth

Founded @gotaxi mobile app, Surf2School online English school and payroll software company EPPIK. Technology guru.

ID 239415

Will Silberman


Software engineer at Google, previously at Interactive Brokers.

ID 149370

Drew Dara-Abrams

Turning a Ph.D. in mental maps, travel behavior, and environmental usability into engaging web/mobile apps. Full-stack developer and agile project manager.

ID 25977

Hirav Gandhi

Stanford engineer and full-stack engineer. Looking for opportunities in consumer and financial products.

ID 207224

MyENERGY, a.s.


We believe that progress of technology and human philosophy of utilizing energy will lead into a New Energy System.

ID 222705

Jason Gilbert

Founder Podiversity • Soccer, Robots, Space

ID 266248

Jean Lauliac

Design. Test. Code. That's what I do.

ID 131355

Cristiano Fontes

Founder @imobee • Worked at Cflex, @ibm, @votorantin-new-business • BSc Computer Systems at Puc-Campinas.

ID 47068

Ralph Baddour


Co-founder of @polltogo. Engineer, former biomedical researcher.

ID 670521

Elaine Mao

M.S. in Computer Science and Journalism from Columbia, B.A. in Math and Rhetoric from UC Berkeley. Experience in NLP, AI, data science, web development.

ID 114225

Francis De Brabandere


Developer @apache-empire-db. Founded @carambla. Owner @carambla-park-smartly, Worked at @agfa-healthcare, @basf-plant-science, @cropdesign.

ID 341749

Danny Nelson

Software Engineer. Worked at ClientSuccess, Hack Reactor, and NodePrime.

ID 316449

Ed Tobin

MIT - innovator, architect and tech manager; startup founder & 15,000 person enterprise: cloud, telecom, enterprise and government

ID 215376

Yin Chenjia

USC ME, Tongji Automotive Engineer, 2 years working on Electric Vehicle Powertrain

ID 461813

Sjors Provoost

Physicist turned software engineer, looking for a new challenge.

ID 136114

Scott Johnston

Worked at @self-employed, @amadeus • Studied at @open-university-london

ID 534467

James Jones

Distributed Systems, PKI and Linux Master. Co-founder, and Chief Technology Architect of @saife.

ID 482055

Michael Plunkett

Systems Developer at BNSF Railways. Former biologist at with a love for applied science. Currently a full-stack developer.

ID 559516

Paul Jouguet

PhD in applied physics, software engineer, CEO of a start-up company

ID 326998

Hung Tran

Adventurer - Rubyist / Node

ID 353853

Isaac Meadows

Controls engineer, electric & hybrid vehicles specialty, startup experience.

ID 176564

Ruthie BenDor

Worked at @code-for-america-deleted • Studied at @boston-university

ID 573995

Andrew Janssen

Embrace risk, nurture value, create order.

ID 165517

Brian Jenkins

ID 592329

Rishikesh Aripineni

Test Lead Worked with Motorola .Experience in working with start ups and setting up QA environment and hands on experience on tools/technologies/process.

ID 170937

Leon Recanati

Studied at @hebrew-university-of-jerusalem

ID 375001

Petr Glotov, FireSitter android app, vehicle routing algorithms, EDA.

ID 222785

Joan Senent


ID 492013

Ashley Cox

M.S. in Analytics Candidate at USF Data Science Intern at Iteris

ID 184363

Chris Nyenhuis

Co-Founder of @eyesonfreight . 6 yrs experience in logistics & international business development • Studied at @university-of-missouri Political Science and Business background

ID 449132

Scott Owades

Improving urban transportation

ID 759667

jim collinsworth

30 years of development and innovation in mobile software, 15 years as musician, lifetime of science studies. Recent iOS/GIS and full stack JavaScript work.

ID 363073

Laura Melling

Work at @opower • MA Physics @ucsb • BA Math/Physics @university-of-oregon • Baseball fan • World traveler

ID 471803

Mehul Patel

Software Engineer @keychain-logistics

ID 206675

Andrew Kowalik

Finance nerd turned hacker. Ruby on Rails / Javascript / Backbone developer.

ID 465950

Ondrej Kroupa

Mobile App Developer at, Senior Android Developer at Liftago, Founder of, worked as Chief Android Developer at eMan, mobile apps agency

ID 668368

Christopher Williams

Founder & CEO @fetch • Worked at @apple • Studied at @university-of-missouri-saint-louis

ID 382555

Dwayne Vianney

Software Developer. Entrepreneur

ID 170922

Othman Chohdi

Co-founder of LoveMyPins

ID 287033

Eugene C

Founder CargoStock. Web developer at Ciklum (Ukraine). And i love electronic music.

ID 192521

"Black Swan"

"Black Swan", founder of the "White Elephant"

ID 236963

Jean-Baptiste Rieu

Passionate Developer. In love with Agility, UX, Continuous Integration and Unit Testing.

ID 128927

Vasco Leal Figueira

Software developer focused on the Java platform with a solid academic background and a diverse skill set. I like building competent development practices.

ID 208047

Todd Van Doren

CPA and IT Auditor transforming into a Rails developer; CISA coming soon

ID 521503

Aly Salim

IT Head at Shiva Carrier, Founder at Bachuoni Software Ltd, Strong IT Background (University of Wolverhampton, Barr Beacon Language College) Phd Computer Science and Gaming University of Wolverhampton

ID 503056

Andrew Reedy

Software Engineer, Startup Entrepreneur

ID 184300

Stas Svishov

Over 15 years of Web Development experience. Strong analytic and problem solving skills. Love learning new technologies.

ID 51874

Navjeet Singh

Co founded LimoCrunch, Inc. Full time developer, part time entrepreneur. Worked at SugarCRM. Currently working as a developer at SuccessFactors.

ID 62083

Francois Royer

Research engineer in the space industry - Geolocation algorithms - Time series analysis - Data mining - PhD in marine biology - Pythonista - Hadoop dev.

ID 829876

Will Morgan

Full stack, experienced, safe pair of hands. Ex agency senior developer, looking for products to work on that'll change the world.

ID 31102

Guy Edelist

Team member of @arain, @deaway-inc, @shopping-site.

ID 608501

Antoine Auberger

Senior Front-end / Full-stack engineer looking for exciting challenges

ID 81500

Mike Kramlich

Created software. Bootup startups. Designed games. Senior Engineer at Orbitz. Entrepreneur. Creative writer. Contract development. Made

ID 690504

Hugo Guimarães

ID 221854

James Calhoun

CEO of FADM, Serial Entrepreneur, Full-Stack WebDev, Teacher. Specialty: UX/UI and Front End Dev.

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