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ID 259299

Yoni Ben-Meshulam


Software Engineer at Nest. Early Engineer and Data Scientist at Opower. UT Austin Mathematics & Engineering. Passionate about social good.

ID 670521

Elaine Mao

M.S. in Computer Science and Journalism from Columbia, B.A. in Math and Rhetoric from UC Berkeley. Experience in NLP, AI, data science, web development.

ID 380385

Michael Minar


Stanford Physicist, turned Data Scientist. Director of Analytics for Euclid Analytics. Bringing online analytics to the offline world.

ID 173998

Wenqi Shao

Driving business and product decisions with analytics. Facebook Data Science. Private Equity. MS, BS, BA @stanford-university

ID 835910

Mark Henle

Ph.D. in Physics; Can quickly master technical and programming skills; Experience in Python, Javascript, SQL; Looking to start a career as a Data Scientist.

ID 484901

Conor O'Sullivan

MS Analytics student, extensive modeling and predictive analytics experience with R and Python through The Weather Channel and Citrix, loves machine learning

ID 374067

Clark Gates-George

Worked at @adstage - MA Economics at @sjsu

ID 545369

Kendrick Geluz Kho

Multidiscplinary student from Stanford, with an education in sociology, engineering, environment, and design. Looking for opportunities to learn and contribute.

ID 492013

Ashley Cox

M.S. in Analytics Candidate at USF Data Science Intern at Iteris

ID 38519

Erik Larson

MIT CS, ex-Wall Street quant, data visualization, user experience-oriented product manager

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