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ID 208830

Radoslav Tsvetkov

CTO & Co-Founder of Cabismo, Experienced in Web and Mobile Development, a Creative Out-Of-The-Box Thinker

ID 811967

Steven R. Carini


Steven R. Carini grew up in Canarsie Brooklyn and helps Business obtain Working Capital & Short-Term Capital.

ID 11725

Matt Mastracci


@stumbleupon exit -> @ebay. Angel, founder, web technology. @linkedin: Portfolio:

ID 630336

Rohan Sarith P

Worked at @lek-consulting, @hack-reactor • Studied at @university-of-cambridge, @university-of-sydney

ID 287033

Eugene C

Founder CargoStock. Web developer at Ciklum (Ukraine). And i love electronic music.

ID 323698

George Ankomah

Co-Founder of @saddl. Used to study Intl. Business Administration, Strategy & Finance at RSM Erasmus University, Rotterdam

ID 670521

Elaine Mao

M.S. in Computer Science and Journalism from Columbia, B.A. in Math and Rhetoric from UC Berkeley. Experience in NLP, AI, data science, web development.

ID 113981

Thomas Gorissen


Helping startups with web technology

ID 96428

Ben Lee

Husband and father. Sushi addict. Serial entrepreneur. Co-founder and CEO @myautopilot.

ID 326998

Hung Tran

Adventurer - Rubyist / Node

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