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ID 237466

Brant Hanna


Technology and real estate focused investor. Personal back ground = strong start-up experience especially with professional services / enterprise focus. Presently a Senior Technical Architect with

ID 45290

Maris Dagis

CEO and co-founder at @sellfy, previously founded & sold Background in web design & front end development.

ID 139453

Mahesh Haridevan

Design et cetera @teliportme

ID 144146

David Robinson


VP Design @hightail-2

ID 160936

Alessandra Noelting

Co-Founder @atlas-sailed • Hardware, Electronics & 3D printing • Entrepreneur and award winning app creator.

ID 48435

Edwin Ewing


Harvard '18. Recruited to lead branding projects for Time Inc, Pinterest, and DataXu. MassChallenge Semi-Finalist. Winner of the Boston's Best Award, 2010-'12.

ID 244016

Satyam Patel


Practicing orthopedic hand surgeon. Investor in several small companies.

ID 181940

Kramer Weydt

Product and Design Lead @internmatch. Passionate about sustained behavior change, education, health, cars, sports, and creating > consuming.

ID 84953

Azmat Yusuf

Founder of @citymapper. Previously: @google, WorldBank, Seedcamp, venture capital, bum.

ID 148469

David Gjeldum

Designer @active-mind-technology

ID 205432

Gordon Tindall

Product for YC and True Venture backed companies.

ID 10503

Max Terry

Full-stack software engineer • Hypermedia interface designer

ID 71790

Dan Byler

Technologist & dilettante. Product manager at Calorie Cloud.

ID 127343

Chris Camargo

Well-rounded UX/UI Designer with 10 years of experience designing for a variety of web and mobile platforms. Making users happy is my thing.

ID 118192

Jisi Guo

Co-Founder Camoji / Leo Me, Product Designer, @northwestern-university Alum

ID 85153

Vasily Myazin

User Experience Professional, UI Designer and Interaction Engineer

ID 51812

Pree Kolari


User Experience, Cofounder @memetales

ID 366242

Ericson de Jesus


Founder @flare, @particle • Worked at @yahoo, @apple. Best drawer in class since kindergarten. Designer focused on product concept, strategy, development, and user experience.

ID 75746

Roman Peskin

CEO of @dealangel-a-onetwotrip-company-1. Hotel revenue management and pricing expert. Masters in Biotech Engineering + Katz MBA

ID 55161

Siddharth Doshi

Engineer at @homejoy. Previously, CTO at @viacycle (YC S12). Mechanical Engineer from @georgia-institute-of-technology.

ID 136855

Alan Joseph Williams

Product manager & 2013 Code for America Fellow.

ID 215635

Satoshi Sugie

Co-Founder & CEO @whill , @smile-park, @500startups • Worked at @nissan-motors • Studied at @ritsumeikan-asia-pacific-university, @nanjing University(China)

ID 263965

Adam Bernstein

Stanford EE, early hire at Better Place, international startup experience, iOS mobile design and development

ID 217475

Adam Eagle

CS Student and Entrepreneur at MIT; Developer, Designer & Thinker; Intern at Dispatch

ID 253927

Jorge Briones

Founder Nexus Rx, @grub-scan • Worked at @kaiser-permanente, @cvs-caremark • Studied at @university-of-california-santa-barbara, @university-of-california-san-francisco

ID 183694

Aditya Pandyaram

Product Manager @augmate . Worked at @general-electric, @Esterline • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 408394

Alexa Roman

Product Designer

ID 342014

Mateusz Maj

Disrupting insurance with Motosmarty as co-founder • 7 years experience in financial & insurance industry • PhD in math and economics • nature lover & traveller

ID 545369

Kendrick Geluz Kho

Multidiscplinary student from Stanford, with an education in sociology, engineering, environment, and design. Looking for opportunities to learn and contribute.

ID 33125

Bogdan Andrei

Founder of "Broadcast Analyst" - a real time measurement platform for television shows.

ID 102663

Stephan Ango

Head of design and co-founder at @lumi.

ID 395684

Scott Simpson

Design Director and Co-Founder @urbanstems • Experienced UX/UI Designer & Developer • Previously @istrategylabs • Studied @boston-university-1

ID 299982

Ashley Schoenknecht

Freelance Visual Designer.

ID 125095

R. Matt Villarreal

Founder at CleanNG.

ID 524873

Jianhan Wang

Student and MRC student manager at @babson-college '15. Previous Summer Study Mentor @babson-college

ID 16768

Dani Megrelishvili

co-founder at

ID 519904

Saeed Abbaspour

Front-end Developer, UI/UX Designer, Product Manager • Co-founder @deliveer • ME 2012 @university-of-south-carolina

ID 77031

Felix Menard

Product guy. Founded @weroll @exitlist. Well-travelled, designed-focussed, art-lover, dedicated coder, bicycle rider.

ID 151189

Marcus Siegel


Facebook for 4+ years. Currently advising and consulting in San Francisco.

ID 281837

Ari Zilnik

UX Architect @lab49. Strong @user-experience-design-1 skills. Founder @swrm-io. @carnegie-mellon-university MHCI grad. Worked at @apple . 3rd place @ CHI '13. finalist in IxDA.

ID 51529

Omar Nathaniel Ely

President / CTO @ Cupp Computing. A designer solves problems. Comprehensive knowledge of HW & SW, IT ecosystems. Driving strategic vision into deployment.

ID 491139

Mehnaz K.

Mechanical engineer. Fed up with corporate bullshit. Hoping to find intelligent, hard-working, non brown-nosing people to work with.

ID 144075

Damion N. Wongsang Jr.


Founder @frezit-labs-inc,@deitscho, @the-brooklyn-university • Worked at @wix • Investor @deitscho • Studied at @new-york-university

ID 140533

Andy Szybalski


Staff UX Designer at Google (8 yrs), led design on: Google Now, Schemer, Street View, Self-driving car. Stanford CS. Loves starting things.

ID 266088

Nicole Chen

Currently working at Zappos SF labs. Worked at Tori Richard & Packaging Corporation of America. Strong design background in both product and packaging.

ID 332778

Elyse Viotto

Book lover, traveler, and typography / web enthusiast.

ID 382555

Dwayne Vianney

Software Developer. Entrepreneur

ID 407920

Brett Bowlin

B.S. at UT. 4+ Years in Web Design and Front-End Development. Looking for Interaction Design role.

ID 847840

Robin Rayno

Worked @nike Fashionista. Curator. Designer. Stylist. Blogger. Culture & Music freak. Runner. Loves digital. Amerikaanse-Nederlander. Fueled by experiences.

ID 176564

Ruthie BenDor

Worked at @code-for-america-deleted • Studied at @boston-university

ID 509516

Ira F. Cummings

Passionate and Driven UI/UX Senior Designer Looking for Big Creative Challenges.

ID 563131

Jeff DeMartini

Automotive, UI/UX designer. Strong, collaborative team leader, who thrives under pressure, loves traveling, great conversation and innovative creativity!

ID 524790

Lisa Sy

UX & Product Designer, Front-End Developer, self-taught liberal arts grad

ID 795776

Robb Chen-Ware

Startup Product Manger. Loves great design, wants to make a difference.

ID 214672

Briant Anthony Campbell

A rare talent with a strong design background and front-end development skills.

ID 184363

Chris Nyenhuis

Co-Founder of @eyesonfreight . 6 yrs experience in logistics & international business development • Studied at @university-of-missouri Political Science and Business background

ID 221854

James Calhoun

CEO of FADM, Serial Entrepreneur, Full-Stack WebDev, Teacher. Specialty: UX/UI and Front End Dev.

ID 375762

Grant Gold


Google/rdio redesigns — Classically trained designer. I believe in beautifully simplistic functionality.

ID 577290

Jean-Christophe Denier

French Interaction Designer. Worked at Dassault Systemes, Orange.

ID 513476

John Turner

Location based UX specialist. Software development/channel partner/end-user UX liaison. High-value client consultant for NAVTEQ.

ID 192521

"Black Swan"

"Black Swan", founder of the "White Elephant"

ID 120498


Chief Driver & co-founder at taxishare. Walk the talk.

ID 351250

Melody Stone

Creative problem solver, insufferable enthusiast, strategic designer.

ID 427325

William Meeker

Problem solver, brand director, strategist, visual communicator, photographer & digital fabricator (in no particular order)

ID 328714

Nate Sprecher

Art Director in SF Bay area. NYC transplant. Looking for fun opportunities in tech, fashion, consumer products, startups, etc.

ID 311056

David Ikuye

UX Strategist/Consultant and Entrepreneur creating value through Design. Combining strategic and creative skills to design for both user and business needs.

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